Impossible to buy? Now you can rent the new Samsung folding

Renting a Samsung Z Flip3

State-of-the-art technology pays, and if we are talking about flexible AMOLED screens that allow a mobile device to be folded in half, the price understandably skyrockets. This is what happens with the new Galaxy Z Fold3 Y Galaxy Z Flip3 from Samsung, whose prices once again exceed three figures, and although this time they fall a lot compared to the price of previous generations, they are still unattainable for many.

But at Samsung they are convinced that they can offer solutions for those who want to try an innovation as great as that of folding screens, and for that reason, it has presented its service of rent by renting.

How does it work?

The service allows you to rent one of the new devices for 12 months including theft insurance Y safe against damage and oxidation, and when the 12 months are up, you can change it for another newly presented terminal and continue renewing for another 12 months. It is a way with which you can comfortably pay for a high-end device without forcing you to stay with it, being able to choose a new generation at the moment it presents itself.

It is the philosophy of renting, that we say that it is a service in which the user gets used to paying a monthly fee with which he benefits from some services of the manufacturer and that year after year allows him to change his phone for the new version .

How much?

Samsung foldable rental

The two models require an initial payment of 99 euros to register the 12-month contract, and the monthly fees will be 70.82 euros and 43.83 euros for the Galaxy Z Fold3 (256 GB) and Galaxy Z Flip3 ( 128GB) respectively. The total price of the service for the 12 months is always below the official price of the device, although we remember that the device must be returned after that period, unless we renew the contract for the same terminal.

Taking into account that the payment method for installments without interest on the official website leaves the Galaxy Z Flip3 for 44.13 euros per month, the option of renting may not convince many users, since for one euro more they would be acquiring completely a device. Of course, the terms would not be the same, since after 12 months of payments, in the renting we could change to the new model (Galaxy Z Flip4, for example), while in the financing we would have another 12 months of mandatory payment until paying the entire terminal.

Try it, and if you don’t like it, return it

The other solution that Samsung proposes is for users to acquire the device through the traditional route, paying the official amount in cash and allowing them to fulfill a period of 60 day trial. If the device does not convince them, they can receive a full refund of the payment as long as they return the device in perfect condition.

This solution requires full payment for the device, so it may not be that easy for some, however, it is a very useful way to be able to try such a different device and rest assured that if you do not get used to it, you will be able to return it without any commitment.

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