Improve PC cooling with the CORSAIR 7000D and CAPELLIX H170i

Corsair brings us on the one hand a high-performance radiator so that we can place the CPU of our Gaming PC with the accelerator on most of the time. And on the other hand, it brings us its 7000D Airflow and 7000X RGB gaming towers, which are based on a common design and features, but are offered in two different colors.

These are high-performance PC cases, with which you can build the most powerful PC possible at the moment, let’s see its specifications.

Corsair 7000D Airflow 7000X RGB gaming towers

The Corsair 7000D Airflow is completely black, while the 7000X RGB is completely white. Both have a three-layer tempered glass window to be able to observe the components of our Gaming PC, or show them off in full view of the whole world. But a Gaming PC not only lives to show itself, but its box has to be spacious to place the different components. The space for the power supply is 225mm of the ATX type, we can install a CPU with a heatsink up to 190mm and the maximum supported length is 450mm. So if you are the lucky owner of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, one of these PC cases will fit you.

What’s more, its space is large enough to fit a radiator of up to 480 mm and therefore supports the rest of the standard measurements. And if what you want is to be able to use Corsair radiators then you have to know that it is designed to house the AIO ELITE CAPELLIX radiators inside, specifically the following models: H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110i, H115i, H150i, H170. How many radiators can fit in each of those towers? 1 of 480 mm, 2 of 420 mm and up to 3 of 360 mm. Which ensures excellent cooling whatever the configuration you decide to use for it

Corsair 7000D

In case you prefer air cooling, both towers support up to 12 120mm or 7 140mm fans inside. In case you choose the 7000D Airflow model, it comes with 3 140mm fans of the Corsair Airguide type. The Corsair 7000X RGB specs are slightly better and include four Corsair SP140 RGB ELITE fans controllable via Corsair iCue.

Regarding the expansion capacity, we have 8 vertical and 3 horizontal expansion slots, accompanied by 6 2.5-inch slots for SSDs and 3 3.5-inch ones. All this accompanied by a front panel with four USB 3.0 type A connectors and a USB 3.1 type C connector, as well as a connection for the audio minijack for microphone and headphones.

Accompanies Corsair 7000D and 7000X gaming towers

Corsair AIO

For the most enthusiastic, the fact of being able to get the most out of their CPUs and therefore the highest possible clock speed is a must. But this cannot be achieved without a good cooling system, where liquid cooling is what allows the highest possible speed to be reached. An ideal cooler for this are the H170i ELITE CAPELLIX CPUs, a high-performance AIO unit.

If you have a powerful next-generation CPU, either from Intel or AMD, you know that it is necessary to keep them at the ideal temperature. That is why the purchase of a cooling system is important, but if we want to go one level higher, that is when liquid cooling comes to mind.

The Corsair 7000 series towers are designed to be used with the company’s AIO radiators, among which the powerful H170i ELITE CAPELLIX stands out, which we will talk about below.

H170i ELITE CAPELLIX CPU: Specifications

Corsair i170i ELITE CAPELLIX

The Hi70i ELITE CAPELLIX CPU is a 420mm AIO CPU radiator, adding to Corsair’s already prestigious CAPELLIX range. It is a radiator built in aluminum and mounted on a micro-beveled 128 fins per inch cooling plate.

Regarding its compatibility, we can install the H170i ELITE CAPELLIX to cool any Intel CPU under the LGA 1156, LGA 1150, LGA 1155, LGA 1151, LGA 1200, LGA 2011 and LGA 2066 sockets for Intel Core processors. If instead you have an Intel CPU, the compatibility is with the AM4, STR4 and STR4X sockets, so you can use it not only in the AMD Ryzen but also to cool a configuration based on the AMD Threadripper.

The radiator comes with 3 x 140 x 25mm magnetic levitation fans with a speed of 2000 RPM per minute. Which are part of Corsair’s own ML RGB range and are therefore fully compatible with Corsair iCue. This allows us to control the RGB lighting of both the pump and up to 6 fans, so we can install 3 more Corsair RGB fans in the system. And speaking of its pump, it offers a flow rate of 0.82 l / min and a noise level of less than 20 dBA. In addition to including 33 Corsair CAPELLIX RGB LEDs that are also controllable via Corsair iCue.

It is also easy to install, and does not require tools to place this powerful radiator in our PC case.

Available in other sizes


In the event that you do not need a 420 mm radiator and for your PC case, a smaller radiator is better. The range is complemented by the following models:

  • H150i ELITE CAPELLIX with a 360mm radiator and 3 Corsair ML RGB fans of 120mm each.
  • H115i ELITE CAPELLIX with a 280mm radiator and 2 Corsair ML RGB 140mm fans each.
  • H100i ELITE CAPELLIX with a 240mm radiator and 2 Corsair ML RGB 120mm fans each.

All of them with the same features as its older brother and with a guarantee of up to five years and ideal to combine with the Corsair 7000D and 7000X towers.

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