Improve your health thanks to Apple Watch

Since its launch, the Apple Watch has been incorporating more and more functions focused on improving our health. These functions are not only through software, but are also available from hardware such as heart rate or blood oxygen sensors. Therefore, in this post we are going to see some functions of the Watch that help us improve our physical health.

heart rate

The Apple Watch allows you to measure the heart rate at any time from its native application. From this you can see your frequency in real time, when you walk, know your cardiac status in the breathing phase and receive notifications in the event that you reach certain pulsations while exercising. However, it will also give you notifications if the heart rate is irregular or if it is below or above the recommended rate.

It is important to make it very clear that the Apple Watch not equivalent to a medical instrument, Therefore, the information provided by the sensors is not equivalent to a medical diagnosis. In the event that the Apple Watch indicates any information related to it, go to a medical center to get the opinion of a specialist.

Workouts and Activity Goals

He sport and health They are closely related, due to the fact that a person’s health depends largely on their physical condition. In this sense, the Apple Watch includes among its features the monitoring of the entire physical activity, as well as a multitude of exercises so that you can improve your physical records within the Training app.

Apple Watch WorkoutsWith the Apple Watch you can carry out the step control that you give daily and even the calories that are burned, without leaving aside the measurement of heart rate. In this way, it is not limited only to walking down the street, but it is also possible to include other exercises indoors, such as treadmill walking or anaerobic exercises.

You can also set your Apple Watch to notify you when you wear sitting too long, and move a little. Through this option, you can set reminders so that Apple Watch notifies you every certain amount of time to get up and move.

breath control

Apple Watch also helps you in times of stress, offering you different breathing exercises how to concentrate on inhalations and exhalations. Through vibrations it will tell you when you have to perform each of the exercises and above all, it will tell you how you have to breathe correctly.

sphere breathe apple watch

You can also customize these functions in case you want to do exercises mind relaxation because of the stress caused by work on a daily basis. To do this, you can go to the Breathe app on the Apple Watch and adjust the relaxation settings as you breathe in and out. Next to it, you can check if your heart rate to see if your breathing decreases the heart rate that you have accumulated as a result of an intense day.

female health

The Apple Watch is ideal for women, as it allows you to record information about your menstrual cycle. In this way, you can add information about the flow and record symptoms such as headaches or menstrual pain.

menstrual cycle

The Cycle Tracking app can use the recorded information to notify you when your next period or fertile window is about to start. In addition to the data you’ve recorded, Cycle Tracking can use heart rate data to improve predictions. Best of all, it’s very easy to usesince from the Health application on the iPhone you click on the Health category and click on Cycle Control.

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