Free high-quality apps for iPhone that are very useful

Free high-quality apps for iPhone

Currently in the Apple AppStore there are approximately 1.8 million applications. With all this amount of applications available we could cover almost all the uses that we can think of for a phone, but the difficult thing here is to choose from all those which ones we can consider free high-quality applications and games for iPhone.

Do you want to know which ones we have opted for at SoydeMac and the criteria we have chosen to choose them? We invite you to continue reading this article that surely you will agree with some.

What features do we value to choose high-quality free iPhone apps and games?

Features of free high-quality apps and games for iPhone

Choosing the best applications is always complex because it depends on the biases that each user has and their preferences to define what is a high-quality application and what is not.

As doing this task is somewhat arduous and we also want to have the greatest rigor and remove all value judgments in the choice, we have marked certain points that these applications should have for us to consider them of high quality, which we will see below.

Points to take into account for an application to be of high quality:

  • The application must perform its functions reliably and stablyavoiding failures and errors that may negatively affect the user experience.
  • A clean user interfaceclear and easy to use is essential to be able to navigate and use the application without difficulties or confusion, as well as an attractive design.
  • The application should work consistently across different deviceswithout depending on having the most powerful model and in an efficient way, without consuming excessive resources.
  • The chosen app should receive regular updates that solve errors and improve its benefits.
  • Must offer customer support channels, such as live chat or ticket systems, or at least a user help section that helps them solve problems and clarify doubts efficiently. And if you don’t have it, at least you have a community behind it fed by the company itself.
  • Of course, It must not contain malware or lead you to download it. It must be a secure app.

What can we consider free high-quality apps and games for iPhone?

WhatsApp – the king of messaging applications

whatsapp messenger

There is little we can say that has not already been said about WhatsApp, which usually appears in all rankings. It is not the pioneer of instant messaging, but it is the one that really popularized the possibility of users of different platforms (Android, iOS and the extinct Blackberry OS, Symbian and Windows Phone) could interact with each other without having to be with the same hardware.

And it has undergone many changes since its origins, charging a fee of 1 euro to use it: becoming 100% free without advertising, its business fork WhatsApp Business, the adoption of audio and VoIP calls and then video calls…

WhatsApp has known how to adapt to the times and has evolved correctly, which is why we believe that it should be in this compilation.

WhatsApp Messenger (AppStore Link)

Duolingo – learn languages ​​in a fun way with little effort

Duolingo is one of the best free apps and games for iPhone

Duolingo is a high-quality, widely used language learning app that offers interactive lessons using the principles of gamification to learn a variety of languages, from the most common to rare Asian and African languages.

The application is based on learning by playing, where users complete lessons that range from vocabulary and grammar exercises to listening and reading practice and that will allow any user, whether beginner or more advanced, to improve their linguistic knowledge without spending a lot of time.

Its intuitive design and free nature (albeit with in-app purchase options to unlock additional features) make it an option to consider for this ranking.

Duolingo (App Store Link)

Asphalt 9: Legends – Bring out the racer in you!

asphalt 9 is one of the best free games for iPhone

Asphalt 9: Legends is an exciting arcade racing game that offers impressive graphics and fast-paced gameplay, and that has been with us on our mobile phones from the Symbian platform (in fact, the first time I played it was on my now prehistoric Nokia N70) and that it has evolved throughout its 9 published versions.

In this version it offers a huge selection of real luxury cars and detailed tracks, where players can compete in a variety of game modes, perform stunts and participate in online challenges with other players.

And the best thing is that it’s a basic free game (with micropayments for improvements, but volunteers). Due to its evolution and basically for giving us an experience that we would expect in a high-generation console on our phone, we include it in this comparison.

Asphalt 9: Legends (App Store Link)

Trello – manage your projects visually and quickly from your iPhone

Trello for iPhone

If we are looking for a high-quality application for iPhone that allows us to manage our projects, Trello It is an option to consider without a doubt.

Ideal for teams and individuals, it allows you to assign tasks, set expiration dates, collaborate and track progress, always looking for all the information we put in to be visual and adaptable to our needs.

Although there is a paid version (as in almost all of them) the free option works extremely well and can help us manage our work quickly and pleasantly.

Trello (App Store Link)

Instapaper – save articles to read online later, even paid ones

Instapaper for iPhone

If there is an application that is little known and free, but that works great if you are a regular at reading a lot of news, it is instapaper.

This application allows you to share the news URLs that you have seen so that you can read them later offline without having to spend mobile data, which is great.

By working with data from Google’s cache, it also has a curious feature: it lets you read news that many online newspapers only reserve for members who decide to get a paid subscription, without having to pay for it.

If any lesser-known app deserves to be on the list of high-quality free apps for iPhone, this is it for sure.

Instapaper (AppStore Link)

And so we could continue for much longer commenting on applications, but as in this other post about the best applications for iPhone we see that other possible options are repeated, we advise you that if you have been left with more desire to discover other applications, enter the same and read.

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