Improve your privacy when browsing with this McAfee program

At this time it is practically essential to keep all the content of our PC safe. Here we refer both to the operating system, as well as the applications that we install or personal data. A security company focused on this type of task is mcafeewhich presents us with a series of products that have been with us for years.

It is more than possible that many of you know this signature that we are telling you about because of the antivirus that it has been developing for a long time. How could it be otherwise, it receives updates periodically in order to protect all the commented elements. To say that this is one of the many alternative proposals that we can use instead of Windows Defender that we find in the Microsoft system.

Largely because it is a company that is more than consolidated in these security and protection tasks, many users around the world prefer to use their projects. But here we can not only focus on the McAfee antivirus. The company works on other projects of its own whose main purpose is related to both security and privacy. In fact, in these lines we want to talk about software from this same company that will help us browse the internet more anonymously.

This type of use is growing exponentially in recent times due to certain behaviors of the websites we visit. In this way we avoid the monitoring of malicious companies and users when browsing. We can also access websites blocked by geopositioning, as happens with video streaming portals.

Take full advantage of the VPN offered by McAfee

As many of you may have already guessed, we are referring to the vpn service that this security firm makes available to us. We already told you before that McAfee, in addition to its popular antivirus, has other projects related to privacy and security. This is the case that we will discuss below, it is its own VPN that you can sign up for from the company’s official website.

mcafee vpn

This is a virtual private network offered by the protection company that, as happens with this type of service, offers us a anonymity on the internet. There are many advantages that it offers us by paying a small monthly fee. It is worth mentioning that this element can be used both in our own connections and in other public ones. In fact, a VPN is specially made important when we use the internet through a public WiFifor example.

So, what we really achieve with all this is hide our IP address on the internet, or the location from which we are connecting. All this allows us to navigate by choosing virtual server locations in order to stay safe from attack and hidden from certain tracking on-line. To all this, we can add that the VPN offered by McAfee can be used both on our desktop computers and on mobile devices. Also, contrary to what happens with other VPNs, here we will have a unlimited data planwhich will always be appreciated.

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