Improves the Photoshop interface, shows and hides certain windows

When we sit down in front of a software of the potential that the popular adobe photoshop, the best we can do is adapt its interface. Generally, the programs of this level present us with a series of functions so that we can customize their appearance and thus adapt them to our needs or tastes.

In certain circumstances we are going to spend a good number of hours working with applications like this. Therefore, we should have a work desk that is as personal as possible. In the long run, all this will allow us to be more productive and achieve better final results. In fact, this is something that is especially evident in applications of the complexity and power of the aforementioned Photoshop. Surely it is not necessary to say or talk about all the functions that we are going to find here.

However, most users, depending on their way of working or needs, will generally make use of a series of specific features. It is precisely for this reason that the Adobe program allows us to visualize on the screen only what we are really going to need coming soon. And it is that having an interface that is too clean is not at all beneficial, although the same happens with one full of shortcuts.

Precisely for all this that we tell you below, we are going to talk about one of the options of interface customization more useful. This Adobe program allows us to configure the windows related to certain functions or work modes to be visible or hidden. In addition, this is a process that we can carry out in a matter of seconds and that with the passage of time and work, we will surely appreciate.

Configure the appearance of the Photoshop interface

As we mentioned before, both the saturation and the lack of elements that we are going to use in a photo editing program, over time it will be detrimental. The best we can do is adjust at first and keep everything that we are really going to use or need in sight. For this, what we recommend is keep in view the windows of functions that we need in the photographic editing work that we are going to carry out.

In addition, we can move on work desk at our whim and place them in strategic places. But first of all, what we must do is select well which are the functional windows that we want to keep in sight, or those that we are going to hide. In the program that we are talking about, we only have to go to the Window menu. This will allow us to take a first-hand look at all the functions that have a small window that we can leave in sight at all times.

To end this customization process Now we only have to select those windows that we want to keep in view. As we can see, the number of options available here are many, so we will have to choose well what we need to keep on the Photoshop work desktop. Later, as the project progresses, we can hide or display other functions from here depending on the type of edition that we carry out.

In turn, as we mentioned before, once we have these windows in view, we can move them across the work desk.

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