In FIFA 22 you can finally be a woman who seeks to be the best in the world

EA has announced the new changes that will affect its famous Clubs Pro mode, a mode where the user has the opportunity to create their own character (you can create yourself if you manage with the player editor) and be able to bring your character to glory by improving their statistics and, obviously, winning all the trophies that you can win. And the main news is that, finally, you can crear female characters.

Become a Pro (as a woman)

We have already seen how in previous editions of FIFA the game included the modality of women’s teams, however, the options did not reach beyond being able to play friendlies and the occasional tournament with the corresponding teams. Well, it seems that FIFA 22 is going to work a little more in this search for equality in football, both in the real world and in the virtual world since the Clubs Pro mode has included for the first time the possibility of create a female character to compete with the rest of the players in the game.

This means that the matches would be mixed, since the traditional team line-ups would be joined by the presence of a woman as it was created manually in the Pro Clubs mode. For now, we do not know if in the rest of the teams it is controlled by the CPU. There may also be the presence of women belonging to the game’s database, but what we should find is other female characters in online mode.

And what about the teams?

FIFA 22 Women

As we said, the female presence in the game until now was limited to including the world’s teams in the female branch, but for now they still do not include the main leagues in the world. Taking into account the strong presence of women’s football in countries like England or Spain, we hope to find the clubs sooner or later in FIFA, although something tells us that this will not happen in this installment.

At least there is little hope knowing that former Arsenal player Alex Scott signed on with EA to become an official commentator for the game, so we’ll see if there are any surprises yet to be discovered.

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