In Texas, baby is killed after falling from a moving car

This Sunday the tragedy reached a family in Texas when an 8-month-old baby died after being hit by a car after he fell from a moving vehicle, authorities reported that the driver fled.

The events occurred shortly after 10:00 in the morning of this Sunday, November 14, when the mother was driving in a black Kia sedan in Irving, Texas, the little boy fell out of the car while it was still in motion, says the Dallas News.

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Local media reported that the baby was run over by another brand vehicle sedan Also in black, the tragedy occurred near the intersection of North MacArthur Boulervard and Ranchview Drive.

Baby dies in hospital

Authorities reported that the baby was immediately transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention, however, he died from the heavy injuries suffered at the time of the accident.

So far the mother’s identity, who waited at the intersection until help arrived from paramedics for your baby.

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The policeman reported that more children were traveling in the car at the time of the accident, although the pertinent investigations are still being carried out to find out how the child fell from the car.

The Police department Irving reported that an investigation is being conducted to find the driver that he ran over the baby, as he fled at the time of the accident.


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