Indiana Jones’ hat sold at auction for $ 300,000

The first night (out of three scheduled) ended just a few hours ago and saw numerous film memorabilia auctioned and, one of the most important lots of the evening, was a hat felt worn on the big screen by none other than Indiana Jones.

Original Indiana Jones hat auctioned

Used on the set by Harrison Ford in the 1984 film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the famous hat sold for $ 300,000 to a lucky, and mysterious, winner.

Among other items auctioned by Prop Store Also featured was a production clapperboard for Raiders of the Lost Ark (sold for $ 27,500), a Peruvian Time Arrow (sold for $ 7,000) and a Harrison Ford signed poster (sold for $ 3,000).

Now we look forward to the next auction, in which some very important cinematic memorabilia will be auctioned. These will also include the glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter, along with his “magic wand”.

Here is the video with which the incredible auction was presented, now in progress in Los Angeles, containing some lots that will be auctioned in the next few hours:

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