Instagram removes ‘Metaverse’ artist’s account after Facebook name change

Only 5 days after Facebook adopted the new name ‘Meta’, Australian artist Thea-Mai Baumann suddenly couldn’t log into her Instagram account. This one was called @Metaverse.

Credit: Meta

For those who don’t know, the Facebook group recently changed its name to Meta. It seems that the group is very attached to its new name, and has even gone so far as to remove all Internet users who use a similar name on social networks. Indeed, according to a new report from the New York Times, an artist named Thea-Mai Baumann saw her account “@metaverse” that she had created in 2012 be deleted from Instagram.

Thea was CEO, Founder and Executive Director of the first hologram brand Metaverse Makeovers, where she led the commercialization of wearable augmented reality and the patent-pending Metaverse Nails platform in China. She was apparently using her account to document her life in Brisbane, where she studied fine arts, but also her trips to Shanghai for her augmented reality business. ” This account represents a decade of my life and work. I didn’t want my contribution to the Metaverse erased from the internet She said. ” It happens to women in tech, women of color in tech, all the time Added Baumann, who is of Vietnamese descent.

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Deleting the account would be a mistake, according to Instagram

Following the publication of the article by The New York Times, an Instagram spokesperson said the account was ” mistakenly deleted for impersonation And that he would be restored. ” We’re sorry this error has occurred Instagram announced. The company declined to answer questions about whether the block had something to do with Facebook’s new name.

Cause I’ve been working in the metaverse for so long, 10 years, I just feel worried Baumann said. She fears that her culture ” corrupted by the kind of Silicon Valley “tech bros” who I think lack vision and integrity “. After this mishap, she is now looking for a way to make the metaverse more inclusive. It seems that this virtual universe is attracting more companies willing to invest crazy sums. A company has already spent $ 2.4 million to afford a piece of virtual land.

Source: The New York Times

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