Interesting startups for investors: Paack, the largest autonomous mobile robot project in Europe

Paack is a company specialized in last mile logistics, which aims to drive e-commerce deliveries in a sustainable way tailored to consumer needs. With an offer based on its own technology, it leads the European market for scheduled deliveries. Likewise, it offers its clients a complete ecosystem of end-to-end operations and products, generating applications for warehouse management, fulfillment and delivery, as well as specific systems for retailers and payment integrations.

Its solutions are oriented both to large retailers, such as ecommerce and to food industry. The so-called Paack Food includes thermosensitive deliveries, which guarantee the cold chain and the quality of the products during delivery, since they generate an excellent experience for the customer. In this way, the high cost of managing your own fleet or resorting to outsourcing with a more expensive solution is avoided. It also allows customers to track their order through the app in real time, also checking the temperature of the product.

The company was founded in Dubai in 2015 by three Spanish entrepreneurs: Fernando Benito, current CEO; Xavier Rosales, director of Iberia and Suraj Shirvankar, CTO. Subsequently, they settled in Spain, specifically in Barcelona, ​​after signing an agreement with The English Court which offered a two-hour delivery service for online orders. Currently, they have headquarters in our country (in Barcelona, ​​as well as in Madrid where they have a distribution center), in the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and France. “Our goal is to build the most advanced technology platform to ensure the best sustainable delivery experience on the market,” They claim from their website.

Round of 200 million led by SoftBank

In January 2022, Paack received a round of financing Series D of 200 million euros, leadered by SoftBank. Other former partners also participated in it, such as Infravia Capital Partners (France), First Bridge Ventures (France) and Endeavor Catalyst (United States). The destination of this last round has been destined to strengthen its presence at an international level and promote the sustainability of the company.

Last July, the firm reached an agreement with Geek+ to deploy hundreds of AI-powered logistics robots at the company’s distribution center in Madrid, setting a new market standard for punctual deliveries.

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With more than 270 sorting and picking robots deployed, it is the Europe’s largest autonomous mobile robot (AMR) project and the company, which handles last-mile delivery and cross-docking operations simultaneously.

The distribution center is divided into two sections: a mezzanine for sorting and a picking section on the ground floor. The sorting robots move the packages through ramps to the shelves on the ground floor, where the picking robots send the packages to the operators. The new system allows the distribution center to guarantee 99.99% accuracy in order fulfillment while managing more than 10,000 deliveries per hour.

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