iPad mini 6 versus iPad mini 5: what are the differences between the two tablets?

Apple has formalized the iPad mini 6. There is a lot of difference with the iPad mini 5. Thus, the Cupertino company has finally changed the design of its smaller tablet.

Apple formalized a new iPad mini during its keynote of re-entry, centered on the range iPhone 13. And this sixth generation of iPad is placed under the sign of the rupture: after several years of good and loyal service, the small tablet finally changes of face.

The iPad mini 6 is more than just an evolution of the iPad mini 5. Apple didn’t just add a more powerful processor and add a few minor features. The differences are marked: we take stock.

The iPad mini 6 is much more modern than the iPad mini 5

The iPad mini hadn’t changed since its very first generation. For Apple, it was high time to offer a new design to its small tablet, quite alone in its segment. To give a second youth to its iPad mini, Apple was inspired by the iPad Pro (with Face ID) and the latest iPad Air. We are then left with a tablet stripped of its Home button, and equipped with a screen that occupies a good part of the front panel.

Despite its larger screen (7.9 to 8.3 inches), the iPad mini 6 is smaller than its predecessor (in height) and barely thicker:

iPad mini 5 iPad mini 6
Height 203.2 mm 195.4 mm
Width 134.8 mm 134.8 mm
Thickness 6.1 mm 6.3 mm

Small peculiarity of the iPad mini 6: the buttons dedicated to the volume are deported on the upper edge (where the ignition button is already located). It also trades in the Lightning port for the USB-C interface – more versatile.

In terms of colors, we go from three choices (silver, space gray, gold) to four (starlight, space gray, mauve, pink).

iPad mini 6 // Source: Apple

IPad mini 6 goes Liquid Retina

By aiming edge to edge, the iPad mini 6 logically switches to Liquid Retina technology which extends to the maximum on the front panel. On the other hand, the screen is not brighter while the panel of the iPad mini 5 was already compatible with the True Tone display (the color rendering adapts to the ambient lighting). The two tablets also share the following characteristics: oleophobic coating resistant to fingerprints, laminated screen, anti-reflective coating and reflectance of 1.8%.

The differences between the screens:

iPad mini 5 iPad mini 6
Technology Retina Liquid Retina
Cut 7.9 inch 8.3 inch
Definition 2,048 x 1,536 pixels 2,266 x 1,488 pixels
True Tone Yes Yes
Brightness 500 nits 500 nits
Apple pencil Yes (1st generation) Yes (2nd generation)

No M1 chip for iPad mini 6

Apple did not want to put the M1 chip in the iPad mini 6, which still has the right to the A15 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture – the same as that of the iPhone 13 range. applications today – and tomorrow (yes, the new iPad mini is more powerful than the iPad Air). It’s a nice leap forward from the iPad mini 5, which is content with an A12 Bionic chip.

The iPad mini 6 says goodbye to the jack port, still present on the iPad mini 5. For the unlocking of the screen, Touch ID is still in the game but the technology is integrated into the ignition button (as on the iPad Air). For the moment, Apple reserves Face ID for its most high-end iPads.

The photographic equipment is improved on the iPad mini 6:

  • At the rear, we go from an 8 to 12 megapixel sensor capable of recording 4K video (against 1080p previously);
  • Up front, the Face ID camera goes from 7 to 12 megapixels, which improves video conferencing calls.

On storage, we remain on the same versions: 64 or 256 GB. On the connectivity side, the iPad mini 6 is compatible with 5G.

We summarize the key characteristics:

iPad mini 5 iPad mini 6
Chip A12 Bionic A15 Bionic
Rear camera 8 megapixels 12 megapixels
FaceTime Camera 7 megapixels 12 megapixels
Storage 64 or 256 GB 64 or 256 GB
Jack port Yes No

No autonomy gain for the iPad mini 6

Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi or watching videos »: Apple has not changed the discourse between the iPad mini 5 and the iPad mini 6. There is therefore no improvement to be expected on this point.

iPad mini 6 // Source: Apple

IPad mini 6 upgrades to Apple Pencil 2

Like the iPad mini 5, the iPad mini 6 is compatible with Apple Pencil – the connected stylus that lets you doodle on the screen. Small difference, however: the sixth generation inherits the second version of the stylus. It is for this reason that Apple has deported the volume buttons on the upper edge. This change makes it possible to integrate the essential magnetic connector for attaching and recharging the stylus.

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