iPadOS 15: How to Master Multitasking on iPad

iPadOS 15 sets the course for productivity. Apple has redesigned and improved its multitasking system on the iPad. There are several ways you can now juggle apps.

Apple’s new mobile operating systems have arrived. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 were both deployed on Monday, September 20, 2021. And while Apple’s smartphone OS offers new features that are useful for everyday use, on the tablet side too, there is a change.

iPadOS 15 wants to put productivity at the heart of Apple tablets, with a focus on multitasking ” easier to find and use, and more powerful than ever “. Multitasking makes it easy to slip an image into a note or email, or keep an instant messaging service accessible while working. Here are all the ways to use this tool.

IPadOS 15 multitasking from the floating menu

The easiest and most direct way to multitasking on iPad is through the floating menu. The latter appears at the top of your tablet screen.

  • From any app, tap the three small dots at the top of the screen
  • Choose where you want to anchor your window (left or right side)
  • Choose the other app you want to launch on your virtual desktop
  • Both apps should automatically display on half of the screen

You can leave more room for either application, by sliding the center bar to one side or the other. If you want to quit one of the two apps to launch another, just swipe down from the top of the screen.

The floating window that allows you to invoke multitasking on iPad // Source: Screenshot

Create app groups on iPadOS 15

Multitasking on iPadOS is more than just showing two apps side by side. It is possible to create pairs of applications, to find them easily.

  • Launch the app switcher screen (with a swipe from the bottom of the screen or a double press on the central button)
  • Long press on one of your applications and slide it over another
  • You have just created an application group!

Both apps will now appear in the same space, within the app switcher. This will allow you to multitask them both, whenever you want. Useful if you often have your notes next to your email client, for example.

By dragging an app onto another you can create an application group // Source: Screenshot

Bring up a floating window from the iPadOS 15 dock

The last way to juggle multiple apps on iPadOS 15 is on the dock side. It is possible, with this method, to display an application on top of another, and to move it like a traditional computer window.

  • Within an app, gently swipe from the bottom of the screen to bring up the dock
  • Long press on one of the application icons that you want to launch
  • Drag it over the current app. The window will appear above your current app.
  • You can also drag it to an edge of the screen, for a more traditional multitasking view.
By dragging an app over another, it is possible to create a floating window // Source: Screenshot

Unfortunately, not all apps are compatible with this display mode. You will need to do some testing to find out if your favorite software is.

Open multiple instances of the same app on iPadOS 15

Similar to multitasking, iPadOS 15 offers the ability to open multiple instances of the same app. This doesn’t work with all apps, but you can, for example, open multiple instances of the Notes app, to juggle your different drafts. If you’re working on multiple documents at the same time, in the Keynote app, you can switch between them much more easily.

  • Launch the app you want to duplicate
  • Bring up the dock, by sliding gently from the bottom of the screen
  • Tap your app icon again
  • Press on New window

This will bring up the window selector at the bottom of the screen and you can easily switch between instances, to work on two projects in parallel.

How to create two instances of the same application // Source: Screenshot

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