Is a new Apple born?

Nothing, in search of the different

One of the problems of technology is the Quantity of resources that is needed for the elaboration of any project, be it a mobile device or headphones, which increases exponentially if you want to position it in the high range. This has been the problem Carl Pei, CEO of the Nothing company, which sought investment capital to develop its own technology to compete with the strongest companies in the sector and why not, become the Apple from the 90s but under the standards of 2023.

To do this, they have a clear objective that consists of remove technological barriers between humans and devices with the aim of creating a symbiosis between both elements. However, the only thing he has presented has been two headphones and a mobile, but as Apple does, offering something different from what exists. In this sense, Steve Jobs established a new standard of use to add a screen to the iPhone, leaving behind the buttons as the Blackberry and Nokia had. Nothing, in his line, has followed the same path.

nothing ear stick

The CEO of the Nothing company, Pie Carl, has sought to recover the spirit of innovation in his company and it seems that the idea is having success among the world’s great technology companies because they have the support of large companies through investments like Alphabet, Qualcomm, as well as great engineers like Tony Fradell, who was Steve Jobs’ design engineer to develop the iPod, Steve Huffman, founder of Reddit and Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch.

Why could it be the new Apple?

Nothing, like Apple, has not retried the wheel, in fact, when it launched the iPod, there were already similar products on the market, when it launched the iPhone there had already been phones for decades and with the iMac, the same thing, it was not the first computer. However, the difference is not in taking what exists, but in renewing the existing. In this sense, Nothing has not created anything groundbreaking, but it has known how to turn the design around and make a product that is different from the rest of the brands, standing out among them and making every user know that they have a different device in their hand or on the ear, bringing a breath of fresh air to technology. Nothing seeks to be Apple, but without being Apple, but making it clear that the user experience and design are the foundation of its company.

NothingPhone white

They are so convinced of this that he is currently talking to North American telemarketers to land the devices there and begin to compete in a market in which Apple is the clear dominator, with the same philosophy discussed above, but with a more moderate price for those of Cupertino, but with the caveat that, just like when you have a iPhone, everyone will know that you have a Nothing.

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