Let’s help the environment with RECYCLES


Today is World Environment Day, and at SoydeMac we don’t want to be left behind. For this reason, I bring you a new application from Ecoembes RECYCLES, which promotes the care of nature and the environment, making recycling a reward game to encourage the user to do it daily.

In an effort to reduce waste, increase and improve recycling, Ecoembes has launched this new and innovative recycling application that can make a difference, and in fact it already does so in some cities, as I will show you later, where citizens have used it. implemented in their habits, helping not only the environment, but also their community.

This application of recycling allows users to earn points for recycling plastic beverage cans and bottles and exchange them for prizes or collaborating in collaborative, social and environmental projects.

It also helps us to increase our knowledge about where each thing should go, since it is important to manage our waste correctly.



RECICLOS is the first Return and Reward System (SDR) implemented in Spainwhich rewards the user’s commitment to recycling and the environment, offering us points for each recycled container.

Thanks to this initiative, citizens become aware and participate in this collective task. Last year 2022, more than 1.6 million tons of household packaging, plastics, brik, cans, cardboard, etc. were recycled.

Today, the entire Spanish territory has yellow and blue recycling containers, in which citizens can separate their containers.

Thanks to these containers the recycling process is more efficient and simple, turning the waste produced into new raw material.

This application developed by Ecoembes and the SDR system represent an evolution of the current recycling model, strongly established in our country, to which a mobile application is incorporated for the first time.

Blue container

In addition, thanks to these sustainable incentives, RECICLOS encourages recycling and allows its users to make contributions to some NGOs or participate in one of the raffles offered by RECICLOS.

RECICLOS seeks greater user participation in recycling and that every day it is recycled more and better, promoting the circularity of these consumed containers, giving them a new useful life. The RECICLOS app can be used throughout Spain.

In addition, thanks to mobile technology, the application adapts to user habitsincorporating technology in yellow containers already installed throughout the national territory, so that users can recycle in them.

They have also installed new recycling containers in some shopping centers, leisure centers and public transport stations.

In Sant Boi de Llobregat, Ecoembes has turned its yellow containers into smart devices, providing them with a ring that identifies the containers that are being introduced. It also takes into account the frequency with which users recycle and the places they frequent to perform this task.

How does the RECYCLES app work?

ecoembes recycles

This Return and Reward System through the RECICLOS app, it works in a very simple way. Let’s see it!

  • The first thing you should do is download the app, which is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Then you will have to scan the barcode of cans and plastic bottles that you want to recycle, in order to obtain the points.
  • Now we will take and deposit the container in one of the yellow containers destined for it.
  • At this time we will scan the QR code of the container where we are depositing the container
  • And now yes, we will get the points for recycling the packaging.

The more we recycle, the more points we will get, which we will be able to store, to later participate in one of the raffles that they launch.

What can be done with the RECYCLING points obtained?

As the main objective is to promote care for the environment, with the points obtained we can participate in giveaways for electric scooters, tablets or electric bicycles.

We can also donate the points to support local projects of a social or environmental nature that exist in our city, improvements in our community, or help those most in need.

An example is the Murcian municipality of Bullas, where its residents contribute their RECYCLE points to take care of the town’s green areas, even turning what used to be an old landfill into a park.

In Seville, the residents collaborate with the Food Bank with the points obtained in the application, and thus help the most vulnerable in the community.

In other cities, trees are planted, sanitary material is purchased… the options that the application gives us to be able to help are many.

recycling containers

And you, do you recycle?

As you have seen throughout the article, Ecoembes integrates technology in the recycling sector, promoting this habit among citizens, looking for a way to improve the environment and integrate recycling into the daily life of each citizen.

Recycling has a very important place in order to achieve the objectives set by the European Union, which are increasingly ambitious.

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