Is it any use to increase the speed of the fiber if the WiFi does not arrive?

Hiring better Internet does not guarantee better Wi-Fi

When we see that it does not work well the Wifithat we get a very slow speed or even cuts appear, we may think about hiring a fiber optic top rate. We may think that if we go from 100 Mbps to 500, for example, the wireless network will be better. But you have to see the problem from another perspective. Why is Wi-Fi bad? Most likely it is because the coverage is weak and in that case it will not improve if you hire the best rate.

Therefore, if you see that the Wi-Fi does not arrive well and you think that contracting a higher fiber optic rate can help, keep in mind that the problem will continue to be there. You will have a better connection, you will be able to navigate faster if you connect by cable, but the wireless network will continue to have limits and the signal will not improve.

If the Wi-Fi does not arrive we can say that there are some usual reasons. One of them is the coverage, but there can also be problems with the wireless card or even the router. In all these cases, even if you contract a higher fiber optic rate, the Wi-Fi will not start to get better.

The speed of the Internet that reaches our house, the one that we have contracted, is not going to make the Wi-Fi arrive better, that the network card stops having problems or that the router does not have those failures. There we would have to go to the center of the problem and make other decisions so that everything works as well as possible.

What to do to improve the wireless connection

So what can we do to improve Internet speed if Wi-Fi is not working? What we will have to do is get the coverage to improve. This way it will come the stronger the signal and we will be able to navigate without cuts and with a higher speed both downloading and uploading. At that time, when we really solve the problem, we could consider hiring a higher rate if we needed more speed.

There are different methods to improve Wi-Fi coverage at home. One of the most common is to use a wireless repeater, although it is not always the best solution. Basically what these devices do is receive the signal from the router and distribute it to other areas of the house to enhance coverage there.

Another method is to have PLC devices. They are two devices that are connected to each other through electrical wiring. We put one in the router and in a plug, while the other we place in another area of ​​the house, where we want to enhance the coverage, connected to electricity. We can connect to these devices both by cable and wirelessly.

You can also count on mesh systems, which are very useful to cover a large area. They are different devices or satellites that connect to each other. Each of them does not connect to the router, so the one that is further away will connect to another one that is closer and, in this way, the connection can go further and with better quality.

In short, as you can see, even if you contract the best fiber optic rate with the highest speed, that is not going to make the Wi-Fi reach better. You will not have better wireless speed if you had cuts or limitations, since it is normal that this is due to a coverage problem, some failure in the router or in the network card.

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