How to avoid Windows Update error 0x800f0905

Another point to mention is that the error may be caused by the limitations of our system. If we have a computer with limited hardware, which does not have a large capacity, it could affect when downloading large files and executing them normally. This would lead to such a problem that we need to fix.

How to fix fault 0x800f0905

Therefore, after explaining why the error 0x800f0905 let’s talk about what we should do to fix it. The objective is none other than to be able to correctly update Windows and that it can work with the latest versions installed. We are going to see different steps that we must take, since there is no single solution, but depending on the error we may need to make some changes or follow some steps.

Run the troubleshooter

The first thing we can do is run the problem solver Windows Updater. This can help solve certain errors that appear, such as error 0x800f0905. In this way we can check if the process is done correctly or not.

To do this we have to go to Start, we go to Settings, we go to Update and security, Troubleshooter and we run it. We must continue the process to analyze if there is any type of problem and solve it.

Check for corrupted files

Is there some kind of corrupted file on the system? We have seen that it is one of the main reasons why error 0x800f0905 can appear. If so, the possible files that are corrupted and in this way to be able to continue with the installation process correctly.

In this case we have to go to Start, look for Command Prompt and run it with administrator permissions. You have to run the command sfc / scannow to analyze and repair possible attachments. The process can take a few minutes and it will tell us if there is something wrong.

Start the Windows update process again

Another cause of error 0x800f0905 appearing when updating Windows is that our device has had an error to manage the installation or download. This usually happens if we have limited resources and the process did not complete successfully.

Therefore, this time what we are just going to do is start the process again update. Ideally, update your computer and go back to Start, Settings, Update and Security and run it again. It is possible that in this way, in case of a problem like the one we have described, it ends normally.

Improve internet connection

But one of the reasons for this limitation of resources that we mentioned is that we have a bad internet connection. Maybe we are connected wirelessly and a long way from the router. That could cause problems to have a good speed to download files and install them later.

What we are going to do is try to improve the Internet connection. What can we do? We could use Wi-Fi amplifiers, Mesh or PLC systems with which to improve coverage. In addition, whenever possible we can connect by cable and thus improve speed and stability when we go to update Windows.

Restore the system to a previous point

Sometimes problems with corrupted files, misconfiguration or with the installation process itself are not completely solved. This is going to force us to restore the system to an earlier point where everything was working properly. It is an option that comes integrated with the Windows system and that we can use when we run into errors such as error 0x800f0905 that prevents us from updating the system.

We have to go to Start, we write System Restore, we give it to run and it will show us a recommended restore point, although we can also choose any other that has been created. We just have to mark the one we are interested in and we continue the process. Once finished, our equipment will be as it was at that time, with the corresponding configuration.

Restore system to a previous point

Download updates manually

If all of the above has had no effect, we can always download and install updates manually. This process can help avoid complications related to poor connection and outages, system file errors, etc.

In this case we have to go to the Windows updates page, in addition to previously knowing the code that corresponds to that update. Once on that website, we have to search with the code and download the update.

In short, if the error 0x800f0905 appears when trying to update Windows, these are some of the solutions that can help us. We have seen how it can affect us, but we also have different options to solve it.

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