Is it necessary to periodically clean the Windows registry?

Therefore, we are talking about a component that is as important as it is delicate in our system. Within the Registry we find five main categories, which are full of entries and subkeys, which can get out of order if certain maintenance is not carried out, but which must be treated with great care if we do not want to cause damage to the system.

Clean or not the Windows Registry, that great dilemma

Over time, installing programs, updating software, and connecting new peripherals, cause the Registry to get larger and larger. Also, even when we uninstall programs, some values ​​of the Registries are maintained and not removed.

But not only that, since, in this case, the system will continue trying to find those files to which the Registry entries belong. This wastes processing and memory while trying to run something that is no longer available. This is something that could cause error messages or derived problems. In this case, cleaning could be considered with a possible solution to this problem.

However, it must also be borne in mind that many users think that by cleaning the Registry it is possible to performance improvements from our PC. This is something quite uncertain and for this there are other simpler and more common practices such as eliminating unwanted software, freeing up space on the hard disk, etc.

Cleaning applications are they effective?

Windows does not have its own application by default with which to clean the registry. In case we want to keep the Registry clean, the truth is that it is a task with which we must be careful. It is not recommended to delete entries manually, since we can delete an active registry entry, which can cause system stability problems. Therefore, if we do it, it will always be under the responsibility of each user.

Therefore, if we want to clean, we must go to third party apps. Tools like Wise Registry Cleaner or CCleaner work by searching for content such as applications, files, and folders that correspond to registry entries. If the content does not exist and does not match the registry entries, these entries are considered residual and the tool removes them.

Ccleaner interface

But even these automatic registry cleaners are perfect and capable of incorrectly identify and remove important values ​​of it, so they are not as safe as you might expect. That is why, if we are willing to clean the Registry, it is very important that, first of all, we make a backup of this. In this way, in case of any failure, we can restore it.

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