Is it possible to earn money playing Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games today, it has millions of users around the world. It is a construction game that allows a single player and another with multiple players. It has conquered both boys and those who are not so much and has the particularity of being able to use it on the PC and it is also available for mobile phones. And if you’re looking to know whether you can earn money playing Minecraft or not, just keep reading this article.

This game is an open world, that is, it does not have a specific goal therefore, players can do whatever they want in the game. This game basically consists of placing and destroying blocks that are the representation of some natural elements such as stones, earth, log, minerals, etc. Many users wonder if it is really possible to make money playing Minecraft to take advantage of the time they spend in the game.

Nowadays there are many users who play Minecraft to earn money and not just to create buildings. Mojang, who is the developer of this popular game, says that the creators in Minecraft have managed to earn more than 1 million dollars just selling their character designs, maps, interactive stories, and some of the other accessories in the online market of the game.

Now you can invest and earn money with Minecraft

The game has changed its rules since users can invest and earn money, but how? To enjoy this option we go to the Minecraft Marketplace where we can make any purchases. Everything that is bought in the Marketplace is saved in the account and can be used on any of the platforms, be it mobile, computer or tablet.

To make purchases in this market you can use the virtual currencies that are won in the game or buy with real money.

This is one of the ways to invest and earn real money playing Minecraft: players can create items and sell them through the Marketplace, from skins to entire worlds. We know these users by the name of “creator”, once their creation is ready, they place it for sale and that’s it.

How to enter the world of Minecraft

Entering the world of Minecraft can be difficult for some, let’s know some tricks. To start for free, you can download the TLauncher that will allow you to play any of the versions from any operating system.

You can download a trial version of Minecraft, or buy the original, to create your own worlds, building buildings, castles, among others, even access multiplayer games. In Minecraft everything is possible.

The installation of the maps is simple, you must unzip the downloaded zip file, copy the folder in the game path in the same place where you have the “saves” folder, now, the world will be available and ready to be loaded.

To install resources such as skins, new textures, and different shapes, the zip file is copied into the “resourcepacks” folder of the game, then activated to see the effects and changes in the worlds. In “options” and “resource package”, all the resources to be used in the world are activated.

To get into multiplayer you can get Minecraft servers online, with worlds that never sleep. One of the Spanish community servers is

You can also access servers in the BitQuest worlds where you can earn money, even Bitcoins or Dogecoins. Some of the servers are:

  • this website always offers free servers
How to earn real money playing Minecraft
How to earn real money playing Minecraft

How to earn real money playing Minecraft on Bitquest

Is it really possible to make money playing video games? We already know that yes and in Bitquest there is the possibility of making money playing Minecraft.

Bitquest is a project of Chilean origin, considered the first Minecraft server that handles cryptocurrencies, the main one being Bitcoin.

In this Minecraft players can exchange emeralds, which is a very rare mineral that can only be obtained within the game, for bits or fractions of Bitcoin. That is, Minecraft players can find, buy, and sell any of the virtual items they want in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

In the world of Bitquest there is a town called Satoshi Town, with a bank in which to exchange emeralds for bits and at the same time acquire any special item such as: magic swords, armor, even horses.

Bisquet is a virtual company that has its own virtual currency, which can be exchanged outside of the game. This server connects directly to Xapo, which is an online service where to create a wallet for bitcoins, where to buy, pay, sell, and deposit bitcoins.

Therefore, to enter Bisquet you have to register in Xapo, then by collecting enough emeralds in the bank you can transfer the accumulated money to the wallet in Xapo, without any inconvenience.

Fiverr, another way to earn money with Minecraft

In addition to the Bisquet Server, there are other ways to earn money with Minecraft, including Fiverr. Let’s know seven easy ways:

  1. Illustrations. In Fiverr we can find many artists who offer their talent to draw scenes in exchange for money.
  2. Recreation of images in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can build anything, from the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon, among others. Customers tend to provide the photograph of a real scene and it is recreated in Minecraft.
  3. Make banners for videos. You can offer the service of creating posters and banners of credits that appear in the best YouTube videos related to Minecraft.
  4. Minecraft servers. When learning how to configure a Minecraft Server, this service can be offered on Fiverr, to help other players with everything related to the configuration and maintenance of their servers.
  5. Make Animations. From the creation of animations to animated videos related to the subject. Offering clients different alternatives with the same video, changing the style of music, is ideal for all those gamers who have a community and share their progress in Minecraft through social networks.
  6. Minecraft skins. There are players who can easily make and get skins in Minecraft. For example, people give an idea of ​​what they are looking for and if we can create it, it is a good alternative to earn money. For more examples of this, we can search for “Minecraft Skin” on Fiverr.
  7. Minecraft parties. It is the perfect time to put all that knowledge into practice, related to event management. They can also offer for sale all their perfect baked goods ready for the party.

As you have realized with a little imagination and a lot of creativity you can make money with Minecraft. These are just a few ways to earn money, you can possibly find others. But we hope that these short recommendations will be of great help and get the best out of this game.

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