Is it useful to put the heating on for only two hours?

What happens if you put the heating on for a short time

We are in winter, we spend a large part of the day outside and our house remains at about 15 degrees. When we arrive, we see that it is cold and we put on the heating. But we just want to put it on for a while to don’t spend too much. We decided, for example, to turn it on for a couple of hours. Is it really useful for something?

This will depend on various factors. For example, it will depend on the size of the house and, therefore, how long it takes to heat up. It will also depend on the temperature it is outside and what it is going to be at night, since the colder it is, the sooner the temperature inside the house will drop. In addition, another factor that will influence is the temperature at which we want to put the house.

Face to saveThe ideal is to have the house at 19-20 degrees. Each additional degree will mean an approximate consumption of 7% more. How long does it take to heat a home? If we start from those 15 degrees at which the house was, more or less it usually increases one degree every hour. But as we said, this will depend on several factors and it could rise two degrees in an hour or even more.

You can more or less calculate that in two hours he could increase the temperature two degrees whole house environment. Maybe something more and rarely less than that. Logically, something has been done, since you have heated the house somewhat and you now have a better temperature to eat, watch TV or sleep.

The problem is that we can say that these two are the two hours of greatest consumption of heating. It is the moment in which more resources are needed to reach the target temperature, which will be those 19-20 degrees, and most likely we will not achieve it. Therefore, we will have spent a lot in just two hours, so as not to reach a sufficient temperature so that the house, due to thermal inertia, can maintain a pleasant temperature all night or even part of the following day.

Setting the heating a bit higher can help you save

Logically, the longer we put the heating on, the more we are going to spend. That is a starting point to consider. But sometimes it does pay to put the heating on longer to save money. There are several assumptions, as you will see.

A clear example is when we put the heating on for two hours, turn it off and after a while or a few hours later we put it back on. That is what consumes the most, since we constantly have to recover the temperature. The best thing on many occasions will be to leave the heating on longer and not turn it on and off constantly.

It will also be better when we have a good thermal insulation and we want it to hold the temperature, unless it doesn’t drop drastically, until the next day. If we put the heating on for two hours or even less, we can reach those 17-18 degrees but it will start to drop and we will again be at 15-16 degrees in no time. If we put it a little more, we can reach 19-20 degrees and prevent it from going down to such a point where we are cold at least until the next day. A good idea is to prevent Wi-Fi from going bad and be able to use a smart heater to control it remotely.

In short, as you can see, turning on the heating for a couple of hours can be enough in the short term to raise the temperature of the house a couple of degrees without problems, but in many cases it will not be the best way to save and maintain the home. at a good temperature for a longer time.

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