Is the future of ARM chips in the hands of a consortium?

The failed purchase of ARM by NVIDIA has left a problem on the table for SoftBank, owner of the first, which is still looking for a potential buyer for the British chip designer. The problem? ARM Holdings is a hot potato and a ticking time bomb that can turn all regulators against it. So its sale is extremely complicated.

Let’s not forget, their business model is to license both their set of records and instructions and their designs to third parties. The fact that a large company in the sector buys the last ISA of the RISC type that is commercially standing gives it an enormous advantage in the largest chip market in the world. Not surprisingly, chips with ARM technology are a much larger market volume than PC processors. After all, we are talking about a technology that is found in all mobile chips in the world.

ARM would end up in the hands of a consortium

At least this is what has been dropped by the South Korean manufacturer SK-Hynix, who has claimed interest in ARM Holdings, but not in the same way as the failed purchase by NVIDIA, but in a completely different way. The source is not an internet rumor, but the CEO of the company himself, who has stated that they are thinking in creating a consortium to buy ARM. According to Park Jung-Ho, they do not believe that the British company can be acquired by a single company and are looking for partners to carry out the purchase operation together.

The interest of the manufacturer RAM and NAND Flash has left us surprised, to say the least, since if we take into account what the company’s resources, processes and values ​​are, we will see that they have moved away from making chips that are not memories. So it is possible that the objective is to resurrect the company’s foundries with the aim of also selling processors to third parties. However, we cannot forget that its process is not as advanced as that of the top companies in the sector such as TSMC, Intel and also its compatriot Samsung.

Of course, from the words of the company manager we can draw a very clear reality. ARM will end up being a consortium of the most advanced companies in the sector. So thinking coldly about the situation and from a totally analytical perspective, it is more than possible that the ARM consortium is not made up of SK Hynix and others, but companies like Apple, Qualcomm, NVIDIA and even Microsoft. That is, groups of companies that rival each other in the market, but that will have one point in common: their nationality.

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