It is not good to have these two devices together in your kitchen for this reason

Don’t have the fridge and oven nearby

Just seeing what both are used for home appliances, you will see that they are very different. One serves to heat, while the other keeps food cold. The refrigerator is always on, while we turn on the oven only occasionally, when we are going to heat up the food.

Why shouldn’t they be together fridge and oven? The reason is that the oven is going to give off heat, something that is not good for the refrigerator. In fact, the ideal is to place this last device in a location away from heat sources, such as other appliances or a window where it receives direct sunlight.

if you put the oven near the fridge, when you turn it on it will make the refrigerator, on the outside, warmer. That will cause the air compressor to have to work with more power, so it will consume more electricity. Basically you are going to spend more light to be able to keep food cold.

This can happen with any other appliance that you put near the refrigerator. For example, we can name the dishwasher, a washing machine or simply put it very close to the wall and let the heat that gives off. But the case of the oven is more significant, since it is an appliance that can give off a lot of heat. Something similar would happen with a radiator.

Controlling the refrigerator is essential

But in order to save energy, you should not only see what you put near the refrigerator. It is also essential to control it correctly, and here we must especially mention the temperature. Each degree counts and you can save a significant amount for a whole year if you use it correctly.

The ideal is to have the refrigerator at about 4 degrees in summer, while in winter you can raise it to 5 or 6. You don’t need to have it less. Regarding the freezer, putting it at about -18 degrees is a good figure. Having it less than that is not necessary and you will be consuming more electricity foolishly.

You should also take care of the fridge opening. Avoid opening it a lot and each time you do it, keep it as short as possible. Just at that moment is when you are going to cause it to consume more electricity, since later it will have to recover the temperature it has lost. In the summer months is when it is even more important to open it as little as possible.

Another point to note is that you should not put hot food. If you have finished eating and there is something left over, wait for it to cool down. The opposite case would be if you had to defrost something, since you can take advantage of the thermal inertia and have it defrost inside the refrigerator and thus save some electricity.

As you can see, in order to save energy it is important that you do not have the refrigerator and the oven together. It is best to keep this device as far away from the refrigerator as possible, as well as any other that may give off heat. If you have a domotized kitchen, for which you may need to install a good Wi-Fi repeater, you could have greater control and save more.

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