Jennifer Lawrence to star in Bad Blood movie for Apple TV +


At Apple it seems that they have gotten the taste of tell stories in series format based on real events. One of these projects will tell us about the rise and fall of WeWork, baptized as WeCrashed and with the participation of Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway.

To this series, we have to add another of the Most striking scandals of recent years in Silicon Valley. If you are up to date with technology in general, the name Theranos is likely familiar to you. This company was run by Elizabeth Holmes, whom some considered the new Steve Jobs.

Theranos was regarded as one of Silicon Valley’s most avant-garde companies, claiming to have developed a rapid blood test system that he needed just a finger prick of blood to identify diseases like HIV.

However, it was shown that the company had not been using the technology it had allegedly developed to perform diagnostics sent to customers and that its so-called ‘Edison’ machines they weren’t really reliable.

As expected, the company quickly collapsed and the SEC accused the company of fraud in 2018. The company’s CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, is facing wire fraud charges and the trial is still awaiting trial.

According to Deadline, the movie that will tell this story for Apple TV + is called Bad blood, a movie that will be starring Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Elizabeth Holmes. This new miniseries will be directed by Adam McKay and produced by Legendary Entertainment with Apple Studios.

This will be the second collaboration of actress Jennfier Lawrence with Apple TV, as he is also part of the cast of the film that tells the life of actress Sue Mengers.

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