Job offers related to artificial intelligence increase by 31%

Digitization has long been one of the great challenges of the Spanish business fabric. Process automation, the metaverse or artificial intelligence are some of the aspects that have gained the greatest prominence after the pandemic. Precisely, with regard to artificial intelligence (chosen word of the year 2022 by the FundéuRAE), the so-called ChatGPT It has become the tool of the moment. Launched last November, this chatbot consists of a language model adjusted with learning techniques, which provides detailed and articulate responses. This system applies to the business world, where it could have multiple applications. How far can artificial intelligence go then?

In the labor field, and according to the data that InfoJobs manages through its Job Market Insights tool, job offers related to artificial intelligence registered an increase of 31% in 2022 compared to the previous year, reaching almost 1,500 offers in the digital market of Spanish employment. Some figures that confirm the takeoff of AI.

In the words of Mónica Pérez, Director of Communication and Studies at InfoJobs: “Artificial intelligence can mean a revolution for companies, providing innovative solutions capable of changing the way they work and manage their resources. It would, however, be a mistake to think that this tool can replace human talent». Perez adds: “There are jobs that can be transformed or even disappear; but many others will also be created. In any case, the human factor must always be very present”.

Professionals linked to artificial intelligence

Among all the companies stands out Manzana, which offers most of its positions in Barcelona and for Siri development. By localities, Madrid (403) and Barcelona (398) are the ones with the largest number of publications, although Valencia, Seville and Bilbao also stand out.

Finally, the presence in the list of offers that require philologists, teachers of different languages ​​or lawyers (Legal expert – AI services for classifying legal documents; Legal advisor – applied artificial intelligence services; Privacy Policy Manager IA). A phenomenon that can be explained because new technologies are valuing the ability to think critically and provide a human and ethical perspective, which provides great job opportunities for professions related to philosophy, education, ethics and law.

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The development of artificial intelligence already demands the existence of mixed teams that combine the most technical or programming part with humanist knowledge in philology and linguistics —to help machines manage language correctly— and in legislation or ethics to guarantee rights and correct use.

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