Juni arrives in Spain to finance digital marketing and ecommerce

Juni has recently announced its move to the next phase of business growth. The financial companion of digital marketing professionals and ecommerce entrepreneurs, has finished its beta phase. Combining physical and virtual cardscredit cards, accounting, analytics and digital advertising platforms, allows entrepreneurs to have a clear and holistic view of all their finances.

With e-commerce sales reaching $7,400 by 2025, there is tremendous growth opportunity in the market and a clear need for a bespoke solution that helps businesses gain the ability to scale.

Having doubled both its number of customers and card usage spend in every quarter over the past year, and growing its team by 644% in 2021, Juni continues to go from strength to strength. This release includes new features and product integrations, and a rebranding, as well as the expansion of its services to Spain and throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

Founded in June 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden, co-founders Samir El-Sabini (CEO), Jonathan Sanders (COO), and Anders Orsedal (CTO) collectively bring a successful combination of experience in e-commerce, media buying, martech, fintech and technical development. As part of Juni’s mission to help e-commerce businesses grow faster, customers can now access the future of financial products.

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On the occasion of the launch, Juni presents:

  • In addition to euros and pounds sterling, Juni will now have accounts and cards in American dollars, which is one of the most requested options by current customers. With Juni dollar accounts, ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers can now further optimize their investments, including as many virtual Mastercard dollar cards as they need.
  • A new integration with Google Ads, providing a frictionless experience that will save you time and hassle. This integration enables real-time tracking of Google Ads spending, as well as automatically pulling invoices from lines of credit and generating and comparing receipts against payment thresholds.
  • A new brand with a bold visual identity, new website, new logo and color palette to establish Juni’s brand identity and ensure it stands apart from the rest. Additionally, Juni is launching “Bye bye bank,” a creative campaign that brings to life the everyday frustrations of e-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers when dealing with traditional banks through a series of high-impact online, outdoor (OOH) and print ads in key locations across Europe.
  • Juni integrates with over 2,000 banks, payment gateways, online accounting software, and ad networks so businesses can get this holistic view within the Juni platform. In Spain, Juni integrates banking entities such as BBVA, Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank, Santander and 75 others into its platform.

10 million euros in cashback

With her cashback on all expenses, Juni has already paid more than one million euros in total and has an ambitious plan to reach 10 million euros in cashback in the next year to help companies grow and scale.

“We know the challenges and pain points e-commerce entrepreneurs face because we’ve experienced the same headaches ourselves,” says Samir El-Sabini, co-founder and CEO of Juni. «That’s why we founded Juni. We’ve taken those issues and turned them into product features. We are passionate about creating a new approach to finance. We want to provide our customers with the right integrations, features, and insights to help them make better business decisions and scale. This launch is an incredibly proud moment for us and we are excited to continue our growth alongside our amazing customers.”

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