JustWatch: unifies all the streaming apps of your Smart TV in a single application

JustWatch: full integration of all streaming under a single app. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount, Rakuten, etc. Surely more than once you are tired of searching for your favorite movie or series among the increasingly numerous service apps on demand, wasting time that you could well invest, for example, in making a good bowl of popcorn and a coke for the session. Precisely that is going to end with the app JustWatch.

JustWatch: unifies all the streaming apps of your Smart TV in a single application

Justwatch was born with a very clear idea in mind: search for your favorite series or movie in the app and it will automatically tell you exactly which platform it is available on. Not only that, but if we install it on our Smart TV, we can hit play and it will automatically open the app and won’t leave the content behind, just to hit play. As you will see, not only does it do that, but it has an infinite number of functions. Let’s see them.

The most interesting is to unify all the streaming apps in JustWatch, for this, as we said, you can do it in almost any device (mobile, TV, etc.), have the operating system they have. We are going to focus on an LG C1 Smart TV, an OLED from 2021, but the steps are very similar in the others.

JustWatch: installation and configuration on LG Smart TVs

JustWatch: unifies all the streaming apps of your Smart TV in a single applicationThe first thing we will do is, obviously, install the app on our LG Smart TV. For this we will go to the app store, where we will look for the name of the app and there it will be (available for models from 2017 onwards, at least in principle):

Once installed, we will only have to open it to start configuring it, whatever the platform. Yes indeed, Also have an Android mobile ready to configure more things about our account, in addition to creating one of these much more easily. Therefore, install the app also on your Smartphone.

With the app installed on the mobile, we will create an account with a single click using our email and we will be inside. Once in the mobile app, we will go to the section Your streaming serviceswhere we will choose those providers (Netflix, Prime, HBO Max, etc.) where we have an account:

As you can see, it appears to us as Fixed fee, that is, they are services such as Netflix, HBO, etc., which have a monthly fee that we pay month by month. Then you also have the option to Free, where you can choose services that do not charge anything per month, such as Atresplayer or similar. The most important is that of Buy/Rentsince we can tell JustWatch that do not show us content from our HBO, Amazon, Apple TV, etc. accounts. that are paid (apart from the fee). Thus, we will only see what we are really subscribed to:

JustWatch: an infinite sea of ​​possibilities for the movie lover

Once we have finished all this in the mobile app, it is time to open the Smart TV app, you will see that it will ask you to enter the Justwatch app (or web) with your account and put the same pin code that appears on the TV and ready, we will have everything configured in the TV appeasy, right? and we will see the main menu with all our available content:

If we go to the Settings section and click on my streaming serviceswe will be able to customize the channels that will appear, which we have already done before, but in the TV app it does not allow us to eliminate those that contain paid or rental content:

What happens if we use the search engine and put something that is, for example, on Netflix? So we’ve tried that Altered Carbonwhich we were halfway through and as you can see when hitting the series, perfectly catches where we were going (season and series) and tells us that it is available on Netflix:If we give see S01E01it will take us directly to the episode on Netflix, where we will only have to hit play to start (and not even that, since if it takes more than five seconds, Netflix starts playback for you):

Too we can tell Justwatch how long we have watched manually, or indicate if we have watched a little, a lot or almost all of an episode, series or movie. Also if we have already seen it or not, add it to bookmarks, to our watch list, etc. The possibilities are almost endless:

Also, as we have been telling you throughout the guide, if the movie or series is on another platform, we will always see it indicated before giving it to play. In addition, we will have removed (optionally) all those movies and series that require additional payment. The system works really well -except on Disney+, which is experimental and will leave us in the home of said app-:On the other hand, we also find other very interesting functionalities, since Justwatch not only serves as a “Hub” to search for streaming content unifying them all in one, if not it also helps us to see and keep track of all the content we are seeing.

Know what series we are watching at the same time or that movie that we added in follow-up and we no longer remember the platform. In fact, you can add anything to our watch list and be able to see it whenever we want, regardless of the platform:

We also have two other more than interesting options in the home from Justwatch. The first of them is that of Newswhere we will see together (and separately, as the user wants) everything that has been released every day -until the current day- of each of the apps streaming video that we have added:

The other option is also very interesting, the so-called Popular. In it we will see the most viewed, globally, among all the streaming apps of the country in which we live. In the case of Spain, we will be able to see what the Spaniards like the most among all the existing content-on-demand apps:

JustWatch: Conclusions

And with that we would finish this guide of configuration and handling of a great app, which we hope will be useful to you. The truth is that the idea of ​​Justwatch is really good and more so in these times where the operating systems of the Smart TVs are getting slower and slower, the result of advertising and the bloatware that they have installed.

Justwatch works really well (except for the limitations imposed by some apps like Disney +, although they are not very annoying), it’s free and easy to set up and use. Although, like everything else, in the 2021 LG models it doesn’t work as fast as it should, the truth is that it hasn’t hung up on us once and we won’t have to ask the hackneyed question anymore…Hey, do you know where they show the latest Spielberg movie?

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