Kaleidoscope 3 receives a new interface with dark mode and native support for M1 Macs

Kaleidoscope is a powerful Mac application for users who need to compare the differences between files and folders. Following its acquisition at the beginning of the year by Letter Opener GmbH, Kaleidoscope 3 has just been completely revamped with native support for M1 Macs, dark mode, and more.

If you already use Kaleidoscope you will quickly notice the changes in the Kaleidoscope 3 interface, changes that have given the application a more modern and clean look. Not only does it perfectly match the new macOS Big Sur and Monterey design, it also brings support for the system’s dark mode for the first time.

Kaleidoscope 3

The new reader view for comparing documents hides all distractions so we focus solely on the content. This new version also adds options to customize the fonts, the height of the lines and the width of the tabs, including the possibility of deactivating the list numbers.

In addition, it allows us to search for specific files or extensions and apply filters to find modified files, deleted or that have been added to a folder and you can ignore the comparison of specific files as well as directories and take advantage of the integration with the Alfred application.

For Mac users with M1, this application includes support for these processors, so they will get a much faster performance, in an application that was already quite fast.

Kaleidoscope 3 is available on the Mac App Store for 149.99 euros, in a single purchase. You can try the application for free for 15 days from its website. If you already used version 2 of Kaleidoscope, the update has a price of 69.99 euros, in a single purchase.

Kaleidoscope 3 (AppStore Link)

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