Kyndryl Expands Collaboration with Dell to Provide More Attack Protection for Customers

Kyndrylformed from the former IBM technology services division, has signed a extension of your agreement with Dell Technologies, which will make it possible to add to the prior agreement various cyber resilience and protection options against attacks for the clients of both companies. These join the services already included in the agreement, such as infrastructure management and data optimization.

With this new agreement, Kyndryl will offer cyberattack recovery services using Dell servers, data protection and storage systems, which will help, according to the agreement, to “secure critical data sets and provide a verified process for companies to recover their data«.

As for Dell, it will offer a protected and isolated data storage service, with which to store a copy of the data offline to keep it safe from attacks, and make it easier for customers to maintain their data assets with the highest level of possible integrity and availability in the event of a security incident involving data corruption, such as ransomware.

Kyndryl has also received Titanium Black Partner status in Dell’s Strategic Partner Program, which is held by partners that the company considers to be at the highest level of strategy, with a strong focus on multi-cloud and data-centric strategies.

Kris Lovejoy, Head of Safety and Resiliency Practices for Kyndryl Globallyhas highlighted, regarding the expansion of its relationship with Dell, that they are «waiting to offer solutions, services and support that customers need to store and protect their data and recover from cyber threats. Through this important alliance, we will work together to help businesses improve the performance and availability of critical data, predictive maintenance, non-disruptive upgrades and recharges.«.

Denise Millard, Vice President of Alliances at Dell Technologiesfor its part, adds that «it is more important than ever for businesses to have confidence in protecting their critical data to ensure cyber resiliency. Dell and Kyndryl are well placed to help their customers succeed in the age of data and multicloud.«.

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