Labor imposes a fine of 78.9 million on Glovo and regularizes 10,600 of its workers

The Second Vice President of the Government, and Minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, has confirmed that the Labor inspection has fined Glovo 78.9 million euros for not complying with the Rider Law. It is more than 15% of your turnover. According to Cadena SER, the minister has assured that in addition the employment status of 10,600 of its workers has been regularized.

Specifically, the inspection has condemned Glovo to pay a 39 million fine for using its workers as false self-employed in Barcelona, ​​and asks for 24 million unpaid social security contributions. In addition, he has imposed a sanction of 10.7 million in fines and another 5 million euros for contribution fees that he has not paid. And, although it is a practically symbolic amount compared to the others, a fine of 2,500 euros for obstruction of justice.

Díaz has pointed out that Glovo violated the labor rights of its workers, in addition to hindering the work of the Labor Inspection, something that seems very serious, given that companies have to comply with the law. The Minister has also pointed out that we are facing “an authentic action by false self-employed workers, and the weight of the law is going to fall on this company, as it has already done with the inspection.”

The Labor Inspection has already regularized 8,281 Glovo workers in Barcelona and 2,283 in Valencia. Glovo refused to hire them and assign them a salary and payroll. The Rider Law, which came into force in August 2021, obliges digital home delivery platforms to hire their delivery men as employees.

This is due to the fact that the law recognizes the presumption of employment of workers who provide delivery services, for which they receive remuneration, through companies that operate on a digital platform, in line with a Supreme Court ruling that in September 2020 dictated that these delivery men are employed by others. Not autonomous.

Meanwhile, the company is preparing to face more inspections and cases throughout Spain. It has no less than 172 court cases pendingand aside from that, it has received 54 labor inspection records and has already carried out 28 inspections.

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