One in four Spaniards does not see their job aspirations fulfilled

Since the outbreak of the health crisis, two years ago, the quality of employment and the well-being of employees These are issues that have gained a lot of weight in the workplace. Specifically, aspects such as remuneration, flexibility, teleworking or internal training are highly relevant issues when choosing or keeping a position or assessing the level of job satisfaction of a professional.

In this context, according to Eurostat data, 25.1% of the Spanish population does not see their job aspirations fulfilled. In other words, one in four Spaniards is dissatisfied with their job, a proportion which places us 10% below the European average. Given this situation, according to InfoJobs, it is estimated that 27% of workers plan to leave their jobs in 2022.

In relation to this situation, rose lopezdirector of Synergie’s People Management and Development department, warns that “In recent years, the interest of the candidates has been directed to offers with possibilities of learning and professional development, but with options of flexible hours and telecommuting”. Furthermore, he adds that “the candidates also show some concern about being able to contribute to the work of a company that leaves its mark on society”. So that, companies and organizations must take these demands into account if they want to preserve the well-being and level of satisfaction of their employees and attract new talent.

Along the same lines, Rosa López affirms that “the commitment of an employee, which has a lot to do with their level of satisfaction and motivation at work, is closely related to the degree of loyalty to a project/company”. The Director of People Management and Development adds that “if you are aligned with what you do, you feel motivated to work every day and it is more difficult for you to get sick or for work to end up exhausting you”.

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Faced with this situation, in order to improve the quality of employment in Spain, Synergie proposes some key issues that, beyond remuneration, help maintain the level of satisfaction, commitment and well-being of professionals:

  1. Promote flexibility: Since the beginning of the pandemic, people value much more the possibility of reconciling their work life with their personal/family life. This causes employees to value very positively the possibility of enjoying a flexible schedule that allows them to adapt their entry and exit times to their needs.
  2. Rely on teleworking or hybrid face-to-face models: As with flextime measures, workers greatly appreciate the option of being able to carry out their work, whenever possible, remotely. This measure conveys confidence, since professionals tend to feel less controlled and more autonomous, and allows for greater reconciliation between work and family. However, there are other profiles that feel more comfortable in the face-to-face format and it is also advisable to propose hybrid work models.
  3. Internal training to promote talent: Issues such as digitization can be a challenge for the generations most disconnected from technology. Therefore, to ensure that employees have the transversal skills necessary to operate successfully in today’s work environment, it is advisable to offer internal training that promotes the talent of employees.
  4. Promote internally to the template: Both when looking for a new job and when evaluating a job, professionals take into account the ability to promote themselves and evolve within the company. The fact of giving more responsibilities and making employees grow is a fact that motivates in a very positive way. In the same sense, the career plan within an organization can be a decisive factor for a candidate to opt for one position or another.
  5. Digitization: Technology and the digital plane have completely revolutionized work dynamics. Consequently, it is essential to offer employees the necessary tools (computers, software, digital platforms, devices…) to be able to carry out their work efficiently and adapted to current needs.

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