Lands in Spain, Square, a comprehensive ecosystem for many business needs

Yesterday, our colleagues from MuyCanal already told us that it was landing in our country, Square, a company specializing in software, payment and hardware solutions for companies of all sizes. Now, entrepreneurs, freelancers and businessmen will have a new ecosystem of tools for managing their business on the market.

«Square offers an innovative and unique integrated ecosystem with all the tools sellers need to build, run, grow their business or adapt to different situations, both online and in person. It is the only comprehensive solution of its kind, when omnichannel sales, both in-store and online, are more important than ever.” tells MuyPymes Daniel Nicolás, Square Sales Manager for the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The manager explained to us that Square’s product suite is fully integrated with each other and saves companies time offering solutions for a multitude of business needs, all in one place. This makes it easy to adapt and grow as business needs evolve. «In addition, our sellers also benefit from transparent rates each month, with no surprises, allowing them to plan ahead. From our conversations with business owners in Spain, we understand that they are looking for innovative technology. Evaluate reporting capabilities they value simplicity and ease of use. At Square we satisfy these needs well, and therefore we bring a new and unique proposal to the Spanish market.”

Some of the company’s first Spanish clients attended the presentation. Among them, Miguel Gil, owner of Hop Hop Hurrah: «We’ve been testing Square’s suite of products both in store and online and we love it.” “Having a POS system with integrated payments and solutions for any sales channel has transformed the way we manage our business, making it an easy and fluid process. We’re glad we were able to switch to Square and feel much more confident in our ability to grow. We know that we will never miss a sale, and we can turn our attention to the future.”

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Square is part of Block, Inc., a global technology company focused on financial services, founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco. Currently, it is present in nine countries, with Spain being the fourth European country and the first in 2022, after landing in Ireland and France last year and in the UK in 2017. Square thus seeks to help entrepreneurs in a country in which SMEs represent 99% of business computing, so that they can easily market their products and services, both in physical stores and online, as their needs evolve. In the coming months, Square will also offer support in Catalan.

Objective: attract Spanish sellers of all sizes

Daniel Nicolás told us that the main objective of the company is, logically, to achieve a successful launch in Spain. Putting Spanish vendors at the center of everything they do, just like with other markets. So during 2022, their goal is to be able to attract sellers from all over the countryfrom a variety of industries (restaurants, retail, service industries) and of all sizes.

Regarding the target audience, Square creates solutions that work for businesses of all sizes, around the world. While our story began with the goal of making payments more accessible for smaller merchants, we have since grown and now offer sophisticated and integrated software, payment systems and hardware used by large companies with multiple locations, such as restaurant groups, retailers, sports arenas, grocery stores…

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