Learn how to configure Head Pointer in macOS to move the cursor and click

Apple includes many different accessibility tools in its operating systems, allowing many people to access its software and tools without using conventional methods. While they are intended for users who cannot use a keyboard or mouse, anyone can use the same functions and Head Pointer is one of them. We just have to activate them and change some settings. Let’s see how to do it.

Before starting. I would like to be able to publicize this functionality. Head Pointer was included with macOS Catalina. Simply put, it turns your head into a mouse. With a webcam pointed at the user, the tool can monitor the rotation of the user’s head, side-to-side or vertically, and move cursor on screen in that direction.

Head Pointer found in the Accessibility menu System Preferences. Since the mouse is still usable and overrides any head movement, this system could move the cursor close to where a user intends to use it, simply by moving their head and attention. Then the mouse could be used to be more precise in the selection.

Let’s get into trouble. Let’s enable Head Pointer

The first thing we have to do is set up a webcam for the Mac. MacBooks have the FaceTime camera, It can be used, but pretty much any imaging device you can plug in that the computer considers a webcam will do.

We click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and select:

System Preferences–> Accessibility.

We move down on the left side and select Pointer Control. We click on the Alternative control methods tab. We select the check mark next to Enable head pointer.

Once enabled, macOS begin to interpret the movements of your head from the point of view of the webcam on mouse movements. If you want to refine the controls, click the Options button.

Now it’s about playing with the system preferences until we find the one we like the most. We leave you a video where it is shown how this system works. Not bad to try. But yes, we tell you from now on that if you can use the mouse to use it. Faster and we are more used to it.

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