For these reasons the Apple Park is an ecological building

The Apple Park is the Apple complex located in Cupertino, California. It occupies an area of ​​70 hectares and the building has a curious ring shape. Inside this building they wanted to pay homage to Steve Jobs, giving the name of the founder of Apple to the theater inside the building. In this post we tell you the reason why we can consider this iconic building ecological.

How has Apple Park managed to be green?

This complex was built based on Steve Jobs’ idea of ​​being as green a building as possible. During its construction, certain measures never seen before in a building of this size were applied to take care of the environment as much as possible, since Apple is a company very committed to caring for the environment.

  • The roof of the building is completely covered by solar panels that are capable of generating energy for the entire complex, without the need to use any other source. It should be noted that Apple has always taken renewable energy into account, in fact all its facilities use 100% renewable energy.


  • It has an interior forest. Thanks to its ring shape, Apple has been able to create a forest within the huge complex. This has revolutionized the world of architecture since such large office buildings rarely have the possibility of housing a green area. This forest has about 9,000 drought-resistant trees, and employees can use it when needed. It should be noted that hardly any concrete or asphalt was used for its construction.
  • Does not require heating or air conditioning for 9 months a year. This is because the building It has natural ventilation, so the temperature of the building is regulated automatically, without the need for cold or heat pumps. During the 3 months that the building needs to be heated, it is done by solar energy and biofuels.


  • Another decision that makes Apple Park a green building is the use of a low-carbon Central Plant. Besides, the water in all of Apple Park is recycled water.
  • It has 300 car-charging spaces and around 2,000 bicycle parking spaces. With these facilities, what Apple is looking for is encourage your employees to travel green, thus reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, in this way the Cupertino company promotes physical activity to which it has always given so much importance, a good example of which is the Apple Watch and, now also, the Apple Fitness+ service.

Without a doubt, the high investment made by Apple to build this campus has been worth it. The Apple Park is a complex that only uses renewable energy, being a leader in ecological innovation. In addition, with this campus, Steve Jobs’ dream of being able to have a workplace that is respectful of the environment and in which employees feel comfortable working has been fulfilled.

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