What happens if you charge the iPhone all night, is it bad?

There is a question among Apple users that, to a greater or lesser extent, surely has crossed your mind. It is about having the iPhone charging all night, as it is usually a common practice. Is it good or bad to do this? Can it cause the battery health of your device to drop? We analyze it in this post.

Answer to the million dollar question

Getting to the point, no. It is not bad to charge the iPhone all night, since the system is fully prepared to be able to charge during our hours of sleep without the battery being negatively affected. In fact, it is even a recommended practice, since while we sleep we are not going to use it and that way we can have full guarantees that the next morning we will have the device ready for the day.

Although yes, you should use certified chargers for iPhone that allow the load to be as safe as possible. Normally, the charger stops supplying much of the power to the iPhone when it reaches 100%, leaving a minimum current so that the device does not fall below that percentage again. Now, there is a way to make charging even better.

It’s about the optimized charging function, available from Settings> Battery> Battery health. Having it activated allows the system to learn from your charging routines and understand that, when you put it to charge after a certain time at night, you will not use it again until the alarm sounds. In this way, the device is charged only up to 80% and at this point it stops supplying power until it calculates the time necessary to reach 100% just when you are going to use it.

What if it can affect the battery

If you want to be clear about what types of charge are the ones that can harm the battery, we give you some of the keys:

  • Connect and disconnect the charger continuously, either via cable or on a cordless base. This fact of having an intermittent load can be detrimental if you get used to doing it continuously.
  • Use chargers other than MFi, that is to say, that they do not have certification of its use in iPhone. Be careful, they may not be from Apple and have this certification, but they have to have it to ensure that the load is as efficient as possible.

iPhone connected to charger

  • Have it charging for too many hours and this goes beyond the hours of sleep to which we have been referring. Having the iPhone charging regularly for 12 or more hours can end up affecting the battery even with the optimized charge activated.
  • If you are going to stop using the iPhone For a while, it is advisable that you store it with a battery of between 50-80%. It is not good that you leave it off having 100%, but not 0% either.

And so, with these recommendations, you can rest assured of charging your iPhone. Logically the battery will end up suffering one day, since it is a component that tends to do so naturally, but if you can prevent it and make it slower, the better.

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