Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2022, a spectacular laptop with built-in graphics tablet

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2022 follows the path of dual-screen notebooks that the Chinese firm has been entering in recent years. If previous models used a secondary e-ink display that allowed the user to close the lid of the computer and use it as an e-reader or digital diary to take notes, the model for next year has been conceived differently.

Images filtered by Evan blass tell us that it is a large laptop, with 17-inch diagonal ultra-wide screen. The reason for this design is to house the hallmark of this Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2022, a secondary screen as a graphics tablet located to the right of the keyboard.

Is a touch screen compatible with stylus, allowing users to write or draw on the main screen. The images suggest that we could use that second screen in a number of ways. It could also be used to interact with the Windows 11 operating system, for example as an application launcher without opening the Start menu.

It could also be used to display a second or third full screen app when others are running on the main panel. And of course it can be used as graphics tablet for creating or editing illustrations, surely its most natural use.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2022, a spectacular laptop with built-in graphics tablet 31

The internal specifications have not been provided, although we assume that they will use the new Alder Lake processors for laptops that Intel will present at the CES fair and where we will surely see this laptop as well.

We do see what appears to be an HDMI port and at least two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports. The hinge will allow the lid to open at least 180 degrees, while the stylus can be housed on the same computer. The power button above the keyboard indicates that it will be able to house a fingerprint sensor, and there is a webcam above the screen with a privacy shutter that can cover it when not in use.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2022

As you can see in the images, the keyboard is located on the left side and we do not know how comfortable it will be to use, although the design bet is to mount that large secondary screen. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 2022 will not be for all users and we see it as a niche for specialized personnel. It looks spectacular and we hope to see you next week at the Las Vegas show.

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