Levitec joins Golive to advance global growth through digitalization

Levitec’s digitization process continues its course. The objective of the project management organization for electrical and mechanical installations is to provide sustainability and improve the standardization of internal processes to position itself as a 4.0 company. Thus, the company is in the process of replacing its ERP system, betting on the management software Sage X3 and on golive as a technology partner.

Levitec has incorporated Sage X3 as the basis for its digital transformation and integrated its entire ecosystem to guarantee successful digitalization, since it is a technologically prepared system to respond to the digital user and consequently be the back-end of the digitalization of Levitec’s business. Thus, the company will be able to have information accessible immediately with complete automation of all processes.

Levitec offers the design, planning, management, execution and monitoring of each project from the initial phase, with qualified professionals who ensure the highest quality and efficiency up to the after-sales and maintenance service.

Operating throughout the national territory and in Portugal, its goal is now to continue its overall growth with a new business vision focused on sustainability and Human value. To do this, they have highly qualified sector specialists with extensive experience who provide added value so that Levitec continues to evolve.

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Benefits in different areas

The implementation of Sage X3 will allow Levitec a series of benefits in the management areas, through faster and easier in the extraction of information for decision-making in real time; Economic and financial benefits are also obtained, since costs are reduced by taking advantage of economies of scale, as well as lower operational and structural costs, and improved control over processes and information.

On the other hand, it is possible to standardize the processes and centralize and streamline support activities and the value chain, with shorter times for incorporating new technologies, standardization of infrastructures, communications and applications, and more business-oriented information systems.

The technological deployment provided by Golive has become necessary due to the evolution developed by Levitec, a trajectory of continuous growth both in the execution of projects and in billing, which in 2021 made the company worthy of the Talent Employment Award granted by Grupo San Valero, CEPYME and CEOE Aragón as a company that creates stable quality employment and that accompanies the development of its human value.

This year 2022, Levitec has received the Aragon Company Award from CEOE in the SME category, which focuses on companies that make up both the productive fabric and its development.

Levitec faces this new stage at the hands of Golive, a true specialist in the implementation of ERP solutions in medium and large companies. Currently, the technology company has a team of more than 18 professionals dedicated to the implementation of Sage X3, covering all its areas, from consulting to systems integration.

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