Logitech adds a touch of color to its gaming headphones with the new G335

Add mint to your games

If there is one color that is especially striking in this new collection, it is the mint color model. It is a very striking version that will immediately attract attention, and that also comes accompanied by the launch of the new mouse G305 Lightspeed with the same color, so that you can have a matching set of the most striking.

New Logitech G335

The headphones have a reversible elastic strap that will hold the device on your head and will also allow you to customize its color a bit. Even the black model has a touch of color with the elastic band in blue and purple finishes. They are undoubtedly quite cool color combinations that the younger and video game-loving public will like a lot.

These straps will be interchangeable, and the manufacturer will offer a collection of eight different colors that can be purchased separately at a price of 10.50 euros per unit.

At the level of specifications, these headphones have a total weight of 240 grams, which makes them quite light models if we take into account that they are headband type. The style seeks to offer a design similar to the famous G733, although this time the intention is to find a cheaper price taking care of the specifications.

Although we do not have data on the diameter of the drivers, these models have official Discord certification to guarantee that they offer a very good quality of audio and communication. In any case, do not look for a great display of benefits beyond correct operation, since these models work with a 3.5 mm cable, so they are not wireless.

When can they be purchased?

In the absence of being able to test them, this new model presents a very interesting cover letter, especially for that touch of differentiation that allows it to give the colors in which it is available (black, mint and white). With a price of 69.99 euros, these new G355 will hit stores next July, while the new G305 Lightspeed mouse will arrive with its new mint color, also in July, for 59.99 euros.

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