Low-end Intel ARC GPU will have less VRAM than AMD or NVIDIA

One of the things that Intel has not hidden is the fact that its Intel ARC Alchemist architecture is not composed of a single chip, but of two of them. Of the largest of all we already know that there are versions with 512 and 384 EU, but of the smallest we did not know anything until now, and it is that the new leaked information can give us a clue about Intel’s bet for game fans of PC with less economic capacity.

6GB Intel ARC Alchemist Details Leaked

We have to take the information with a pinch of salt, since it has not been leaked from any of the Intel documents or from one of the classic news leakers, but the information comes from one of the Chiphell forum users and therefore seen it would be a very small graphics card, which leads us to think that it could be a design for mini-ITX boxes.

And what are its specifications? As you can see in the supposed image the SoC is surrounded by 3 GDDR6 memory chips that would give it a capacity of 6 GB, so we would be facing a configuration with a 96-bit bus. Regarding the energy consumption of this graphics card, it is the lowest that a PCI Express interface can give, since it would be close to 75 W.

And what are the specs of this low-end gaming GPU from Intel?

Intel ARC Alchemist 6GB DG128 Scored

Thanks to Locuza, a Twitter user specialized in analyzing the filtered lithographs of the different chips, a map was made of the most modest of the Inter ARC Alchemist GPUs from which it is deduced that its configuration is 128 EU.

So it will be the first time that the lower end will receive technologies such as Ray tracing and resolution scaling via Deep Learning through XeSS algorithm that makes use of the Matrix Units. Which is surprising when you consider that Intel is the novice when it comes to gaming graphics cards. In any case, as we have already commented several times, we do not believe that NVIDIA is idle and it is possible that the same RTX 3050 (Ti) that we have seen in gaming laptops also appear on the desktop as substitutes for the already veteran GTX 16.

It is expected that the model of the Intel ARC Alchemist 6GB appears first in gaming laptops to appear later in the desktop market, but given the low consumption of this configuration and the opportunity presented to the company with the blue logo to supply a market ignored by NVIDIA and AMD, we could see this graphics card low-end gaming earlier than expected. Of course, given the product launch catalog under the TSMC 6 nm node, do not expect it for this 2021.

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