This is the DDR5 RAM memory that allows Lego pieces in its ARGB!

The customization of PC components came not so long ago to the industry that moves more millions in electronics in the world. Although the revolution began with RGB as such and certain custom models with different themes for a specific series, the sector is going further and proof of this are the new memories that we are going to know now.

Galax GAMER DDR5 RGB, RGB with Lego!

It may seem absurd to the vast majority of adults, but the world of Lego is truly impressive and remains one of the few self-created sectors that rents in the toy industry. Although there have been many PC mods with Lego, Galax has wanted to experiment with a new line of products which today is expanded with the aforementioned GAMER DDR5 RGB.

This new RAM memory is not going to stand out, in principle, for its speed, voltage or latencies, but for its aesthetics, since it will be available in two different colors such as blue and red. The first thing that will catch our attention is its heatsink, since it emulates the famous video game that every child and adult has ever played: Tetris.

This heatsink will integrate an RGB LED strip in its upper profile with the particularity that said strip is fully configurable with lego pieces transparent, which will give a different lighting effect to each module.

Three different DDR5 memory kits


Although you will like the system and design of the modules more or less, what is certain is that these GALAX GAMER DDR5 RGB will arrive in three different capacities and kits to adapt to all users. Starting from the classic 2 x 8 GB, following the 2 x 16 GB and ending with 2 x 32 GB. In terms of speeds and latencies, it is only known that many of these kits will reach 4,800 MHz, but there will also be versions with factory overclock, something logical since they try to position the brand in the face of the common modder and overclocker.

There is no information about the latencies, as well as the voltage that they are going to implement, what we do know is that these memories GALAX GAMER DDR5 RGB They will first reach the Chinese market and then they will leave the Asian country to reach the rest of the markets, as long as sales support them.

With China being the country that will receive them, we will surely see very interesting mods, since with Lego you can make all kinds of shapes, always at right angles, yes.

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