macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 Released for All Users with Important Fixes

Apple recently launched macOS Big Sur version 11.5.1 available to all users in order to correct important errors and therefore it was strongly advised that this new version be installed. The same thing happens now that the company has released version 11.5.2 and that at the moment it is only known that it contains error correction.

macOS 11.5.2 is available to all users and should appear in System Preferences> Software Update soon if it isn’t already. It is not yet clear what the update includes beyond “bug fixes for your Mac.” For now, Apple lists macOS 11.5.2 on its security update web page as “no published CVE entries.” We’ll see if that changes.

Unlike the beta versions in which we advise against installing them on primary computers, that is, in those that you use daily or that have valuable information. Public updates released by Apple are essential and must be installed so that everything works as it should.

Although we still do not know what is in this update, if Apple has released it, it is because it is necessary and therefore must be installed. It is very difficult to cause problems since it will be about bug fixes (normally they are minor because otherwise they would have detailed it) and performance improvements. Difficult for failure to occur. It is not like when an entire operating system is installed again that it can crash or give a problem. In these cases it is very unlikely. So I encourage you to install this version 11.5.2 of macOS Big Sur.

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