Make backups before you go on vacation with these tips

  • Make a total of 3 backups.
  • Save 2 backups in environments such as a NAS server and another in the public cloud.
  • Save 1 offline backup, on an external hard drive, that is not connected to any computer until we need it.

Using software to make copies that allows us to upload them to the public cloud or private cloud with different protocols is essential: it is useless to have backup software if we then store these copies on our own computer. So it is essential to upload them to the cloud, be it Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive or to a NAS that we have connected locally or remotely.

One of the most complete backup programs is Uranium Backup, available in both a free version and a paid version. Next, we explain in detail its main characteristics and the strong points of this solution.

Features of Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup in its free version is really complete software that will allow us to make backup copies with a large number of options. Unlike other similar software, Uranium Backup has many options that are only available in the paid versions of other programs. Next, we explain what the main functions are in the “Free” version of this software:

  • File and folder backups. This allows us to make backups of everything we want, in order to keep it safe.
  • Automatic and scheduled backups. This function is very interesting because we can schedule backups. In this way, we do not have to worry about remembering to make the copy, the software itself will take care of everything that is necessary.
  • Compression. If we are going to make copies of a large number of files and folders, we have the option of compressing these backup copies and saving a lot of disk space.
  • Email notifications. If we want to receive an email notification that the backup has been carried out correctly, we can also do so.
  • data encryption. In order to provide confidentiality to the copy, it is possible to add a password to encrypt all data with AES 256 bits.

Finally, users will be able to configure an unlimited number of backup copies, it doesn’t matter if they have the free version of this tool, we will have the possibility to make all the backups that we want.

Uranium Backup is the best free backup software that we can use as home users, because we have all the necessary options to protect our data from possible deletions, ransomware and other threats. It is possible to visit the official website of Uranium Backup Free from which to download the software to install it on your computer.

Features of paid versions

Although the completely free version is really interesting for home users, in case you need more options to make copies, and even at a professional level in the company, you will be able to have support for many other backups in its paid versions. . Uranium Backup It will allow us to make the following backup copies:

  • backups of disk images.
  • Copies of virtual machines with VMware ESXi and also supports Hyper-Videal for making a backup copy of all our VMs and restoring them on any computer.
  • Copies of major relational databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL and also supports Exchange.
  • Allows you to upload backups to public cloud, and it is that it supports different platforms such as OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Azure or Dropbox among many others. It also supports the ability to upload copies to a NAS serverto external hard drives, FTP servers and many more options, always to keep these copies in a safe place.

The best thing about Uranium Backup when making backup copies is that the basic features are totally freeWe do not have to pay anything at all. In case you need additional options, we will be able to pay a lifetime license from 80 euros. Uranium Backup has different versions with different prices depending on our needs, so the software and its price will adapt perfectly to our needs. Of course, all updates and technical support from the company is included in the license.

Other very interesting features are that it is a very light software that consumes very few resources. In addition, we must bear in mind that the graphical user interface is very intuitive, so we can handle it very easily. Another point in favor of the program is its ease of creating an image of entire drives, and even the virtual machines that we have and the great versatility when it comes to saving these copies in the public or private cloud, supporting different platforms and protocols. Finally, it is possible to try the GOLD version for 21 days without any associated cost, in this way, you will be able to try the full version with all the features of the software.

What is Uranium Backup Professional

If we buy one or several Uranium Backup licenses, we have the possibility to buy the subscription to Uranium Backup Professional. This subscription allows us monitor all computers where we have the software installed, in order to check if it works correctly, if the backup copies have been made correctly and many other options. This functionality is intended greatly facilitate the administration and management of backups when we have dozens of computers.

With Uranium Backup Professional we can do the following:

  • Control the status of each backup, verifying the date and time and the last copy.
  • Know when a computer is on, off, or logged out.
  • Update the software itself directly from the control panel, to make it much easier to update the program on multiple computers.

A very important aspect is that Uranium Backup Professional has a annual subscription, does not have a lifetime license.

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