Why the protocol your VPN uses matters

The VPN protocol is important

We can say that the VPN protocol is what allows encrypt the data and how do it. They are in charge of routing the traffic and, therefore, depending on which one we use, we can have different results. It could even be decisive for a program of this type to work well or badly.

exist different VPN protocols and each of them has its characteristics. We can name OpenVPN, WireGuard, SSTP or L2TP/IPsec as some of the most important ones. There are more that could also be present in our applications, although they are usually less used.

One of the reasons is because security. If you want maximum protection when connecting to the Internet through a VPN, you should take a good look at what protocol it uses. You can see which are the most secure VPN protocols but we can say that it depends on things like the type of encryption you use (such as AES-128 or AES-256).

But it is also important for the speed. Surely you have noticed that when browsing VPN your Internet does not work as well. You see that it is slower, you may have cuts when playing streaming videos, etc. This will depend on what program you use, but the protocol will also be essential. And yes, sometimes safety and speed do not go the same way.

Regarding whether you use a mobile phone or a computer, the type of protocol will also make it work better or worse. For example, the IKEv2 protocol is very fast for reconnectionwhich is ideal for mobile use as we constantly switch networks on the go and it’s best to reconnect as soon as possible.

Tips for choosing a VPN

So which VPN should you choose? We have explained that the protocol you use is going to matter for get the best performance and avoid problems. However, there are factors such as security that must be present at all times. It is convenient to choose very well which one you are going to install on your computer or mobile.

In general, we can say that the free VPNs are not recommended. They are usually the ones that work the worst, in addition to not always guaranteeing security. In fact, they can sometimes be used to collect personal data and sell it to third parties, as this is their way of earning income.

It is best to have a NPV of guarantees, paid and avoid those that are free or trial. It is interesting that it has many servers to be able to choose which one best suits what we are looking for and thus achieve the best possible performance. Having a range of options will allow us to always connect to the one that works best.

However, whichever one we choose, we must always make sure that it is correctly updated and well configured. It is essential to correct any vulnerability that it may have and guarantee optimal operation, both for performance and security.

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