MCPRO Pills (XCVII): Windows 11 SE, McAfee, HPE Ezmeral

It had been rumored for a few weeks and finally, Microsoft has fulfilled its “promise”: Windows 11 SE is the new version of the company’s latest operating system and aims to displace Google’s Chromebooks in the education sector. About the arguments it has to achieve it and if it makes sense as a product, we will talk to you in the first of the contents we recommend in our MCPRO Pills this week.

We also tell you how McAfee is once again a private company, having been acquired by a group of investors that has paid 14,000 million dollars for the total of its assets, or that AMD continues to fight with the new generation of its Zen processors. We started!

Microsoft launches Windows 11 SE: edition for education and budget laptops that will compete with Chrome OS

Microsoft has launched a new edition of Windows 11 designed for the educational world, that is, for students and teachers and its use in schools, and also in cheap laptops. It is Windows 11 SE, and it is the company’s bet to compete with Chrome OS.

This version, according to MC, will come pre-installed only on Microsoft equipment and cheap computers that are sold to educational centers of some of its partners, such as Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Dynabook or Lenovo.

Nine cybersecurity threats that will impact companies in 2022

CISOs will not be able to take a break in 2022. What has undoubtedly become the most “stressful” ICT profession is going to need to be bolstered with more budget and renewed energy. And is that as they point out from Check Point in their report on cybersecurity trends for next year, what we have seen in 2021 is just an appetizer of what we can face in a few months.

A group of investors will buy McAfee for 14,000 million dollars

A group of international investors will buy McAfee for 14,000 million dollars, acquiring all the outstanding shares of the company after paying a premium of 22.6% compared to the trading price of November 4. The group will pay $ 26 in cash for each common share of the cybersecurity firm.

Bloomberg previewed it last week and it has finally been confirmed. A group of international investors led by Advent International Corporation, along with others such as Permira ”), Crosspoint Capital, CPP, GIC and a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), will set a new course for McAfee after paying 14,000 million of dollars. Upon completion of the transaction, the Investment Group will take full ownership of McAfee as a private company.

Carlos Arbesú, HPE Ezmeral Business Developer: »HPE Ezmeral unlocks the full potential of data»

Companies are currently facing more and more challenges in their digital transformation processes. Many of these are directly related to the large volume of data that they have to manage and that is often stored in watertight silos, legacy applications or dispersed among the different clouds in which the company has a presence.

To make things easier for companies, more and more solutions are looking for ways to provide them with greater visibility on the set of data that is deployed throughout an IT infrastructure, usually including analysis tools that make it easier to start new processes of digitization.

The strength of the blockchain at the service of copyright rights

Many artists are considering that the registration of a work in a blockchain, in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), is a safe and reliable means to sell it since it implies the unquestionable and permanent registration of the information. However, when we enter the realm of copyright, there are more questions than answers.

Five reasons not to miss the Dell Technologies Forum 2021

Are you prepared for what is to come? This is the question with which this year they encourage us to register for the Dell Technologies Forum 2021, a completely free online event in which the company will show us the solutions that will allow us to work, learn and innovate from anywhere , leaning on the great revolution presented by data and AI.

Dell Technologies Forum opens the window of technological opportunities to partners and clients in environments such as multicloud, Edge, 5G or IT as a service and in MCPRO we have selected five great reasons why you should not miss what is one of the most technological appointments important of the year.

AMD Zen 4 and AMD Instinct MI200: This is what is new from the Sunnyvale giant

A couple of days ago we told you that AMD was preparing a very important event, and just yesterday practically everything we saw in that article was confirmed. The Sunnyvale giant unveiled Zen 4, an architecture that will debut first on its next-generation EPYC processors, targeting servers and data centers, and also showcased the new Instinct MI200 graphics accelerators, based on the CDNA 2 architecture, which are the first. of its class to adopt a multi-encapsulated design, previously referred to as multi-chip.

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