MediaTek has achieved a meteoric recovery, and is ready to surpass Qualcomm

With the arrival of the Helio X20 series, MediaTek took a very risky gamble, and we can almost say that the Taiwanese company was “One ahead of its time”, since it introduced a CPU configuration divided into three blocks of cores that today has been standardized in the top-of-the-range SoCs of companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung.

That configuration that MediaTek used was not exactly the same as the one that is present today in chips like the Snapdragon 888, but its objective was the same, to divide between a block of “top” performance, another of high performance and another of high efficiency. However, at that time it did not have the expected success, And in the end the company had to completely rethink its strategy in order to move forward.

After a time lagged and limited to the mid-range SoC market, MediaTek had several important successes that allowed it to regain ground. Today, thanks to the excellent reception that its Dimensity series has had, the Taiwanese company has been able to compete again at all levels within the world of SoC for mobile devices, and with the Dimensity 9000 has directly launched a pulse to Qualcomm.

This chip uses the Cortex-X2 architecture on its high-power block, and it has high-performance Cortex-A710 cores as well as high-efficiency Cortex-A510 cores. In terms of CPU performance it should have nothing to envy Qualcomm’s next top-of-the-range chip, but more importantly, it could be more competitive in terms of price, and this would ensure it a privileged place in a growing number of top-of-the-range smartphones. spectrum.

In addition to its recovery in the SoC sector, we must also unite the different collaborations that it has closed with top-level companies, among which we can mention Intel and AMD, and we must also highlight the progress that the Taiwanese company is achieving with its solutions for Wi-Fi 7, a next-generation standard that will mark a great leap forward in this popular wireless connectivity technology.

It’s funny how MediaTek has gone from being almost totally out of the industry to making a full recovery. Its importance has been growing gradually, and today his future seems to be assured. This is positive for the market, since it implies that there is another top-level player that is capable of offering powerful SoCs and very competitive in terms of value (price-performance), also in the sector of 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. -Fi 6-6E to present, and 6G and Wi-Fi 7 to future.

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