Meta will allow “adult” content in its virtual universe

That Meta declared a few hours ago that it is willing to admit “adult content” on its platform may be indicative of two things: the first is that this is indeed a field that under certain circumstances may be worth exploring in terms of business. The second, which goal he is not entirely clear on what he wants to do with his “metaverse” and it has begun to give sticks of blind.

The company that has just announced that as of today its Oculus Quest 2 will be 100 euros more expensive without incorporating any additional features, has been willing to explore a type of content that is always conflictive and that, in fact, is not allowed even in Facebook or Instagram.

The first steps, sources close to the company indicate, would take place in Horizon Worldsa virtual world very similar to what the guys from Second Life proposed and that, with many limitations, is the closest thing that the company has offered so far in relation to the metaverse.

Until now, Horizon Worlds (formerly Facebook Horizon) has been a space far removed from this type of content and intended, in fact, to make the metaverse a safe place, as evidenced by the fact that users can enable a “personal limit » in the game to avoid sexually harassing behavior by other avatars.

However, now the company has sent the developers a new policy by which when creating a “new world”, they must establish a classification in which they indicate if they include adult content or not. Now, what does Meta understand as adult content?

In a guide that it has also sent to developers, the company indicates that “sexually suggestive” content is allowed, including partial nudity and “suggestive positions”. What (for now) is left out of Horizon World with pornographic or sexually explicit content.

The policy change also opens the door to depictions of certain adult content such as marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. However, Meta places the limit on depictions of illegal drugs or drug abuse.

Always according to the company, this adult content can also include “intense or excessively violent fictional content”, as a reference to many of the most popular games in virtual reality environments. However, depictions of violence in real life are still prohibited.

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