Metal Slug Tactics: the first gameplay video online

First revealed last June, Metal Slug Tactics has returned to show itself through a video showing some short sequences of gameplay.

Taking SNK’s old run-and-gun formula and bringing it into the world of turn-based strategy, the video, released as part of the event Indie World, shows us Marco, Tarma, Fio and Eri descending on various battlefields, even tearing us a few tears of nostalgia.

The gameplay video of Metal Slug Tactics

It will take some time before we can get our hands on Metal Slug Tactics, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch at launch but, in the meantime, let’s enjoy the gameplay trailer below:

The game, developed by Leikir Studio and distributed by Dotemu, it will not be a simple turn-based strategy game. Instead, it will also contain numerous RPG elements and will embrace the roguelike genre.

METAL SLUG is back with a new game in the world of METAL SLUG. Explore a whole new perspective on the iconic run’n’gun and dive into a dynamic and strategic RPG with roguelike elements! Light-hearted and super fun, Metal Slug Tactics takes what makes METAL SLUG special and unique, and introduces it to the strategy genre!

The missions will be procedurally generated, so the maps in which the clashes between our heroes and the opposing army will take place will never take place the same way twice.

We will also be able to gain experience and level up between the various phases of the game and the combo moves, in which two or more characters link attacks together, will play an important part in combat.

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