Mexican in Romania lives crisis by Covid-19; alert rebound of deaths before fourth wave of infections

The government of Romania reported this Tuesday on a new record number of deaths and daily infections by Covid-19. The country’s hospital system was stretched until its breakdown so they have run out of intensive care beds, this as a result of the nation having the second lowest vaccination rate in the world. European Union.

Currently the 29.4 percent of its population has already completed their vaccination schedule, that is to say 5 million 654 thousand 687 people are fully vaccinated, out of a total population of a little over 19 million citizens.

According to official data, the new infections registered in the last hours exceeded the 18,800, while 574 people died from the virus in the same period of time.

Romania is experiencing a state of emergency

Now with the emergency beds fully occupied throughout the country, the media shows images of the hospitals in Bucharest, the Romanian capital, where patients were shown lying on mats placed on the floor or holding oxygen tanks while sitting in crowded corridors, while morgues are also operating at almost full capacity.

As we mentioned previously, the health authorities of Romania have managed to vaccinate 29.4 percent of its total population with two doses and to 36 percent of its adult population with at least one of them, which leaves the country well below the average for the European Union with 74 percent.

The low vaccination rate highlights deep-rooted mistrust of state institutions, misinformation campaigns on social media, poor rural infrastructure, vaccine education based on trumpeting conspiracy theories and nonsense in the Eucharist.

Mexican witnesses the early reopening of the country

Actually in Romania a person dies from the consequences of the effects of Covid-19 every five minutes, of which the 90 percent of coronavirus deaths were in unvaccinated people.

On the other hand, approximately the 13 percent of the 42 thousand deaths disease-related events have occurred in the past 18 days.

It should be mentioned that the government of the prime minister Florin Citu, during the summer under the restrictions of Covid-19 despite the low vaccination rate, as the country did not reach the goal of inoculating 10 million people, because in September, with just under 6 million Romanians vaccinated.

On the other hand, before the pandemic, the health system of Romania It was in a poor state, due to serious problems of corruption, politicized management and above all to having one of the least developed health infrastructures in the entire EU.

Faced with this situation, we spoke with A. Silva, a Mexican who, for work reasons, lives in Romania since the beginning of 2021, who told us a little about the situation in the country during this period of highs caused by the fourth wave of coronavirus infections in the nation European.

According to the interviewee, after a year of restrictions, the local government lifted many of them, among which is the end of the use of face masks in the streets and in addition to the fact that closed places could now open without capacity restrictions.

Silva also commented that when the restrictions were ended, it was expected that there would be a significant increase in cases, however this did not happen, since for at least two months there was no striking change in the infection rate.

On the other hand, he also pointed out that during this time very few people continued to use the mask, although just about six weeks ago the cases of Covid-19 made the news again.

He also commented that in Romania there was very little information on the percentage of people vaccinated and that a large part of the population was carried away by anti-vaccine groups.

He also points out that in recent weeks restrictions such as healthy distance, mandatory use of face masks have returned to the entire country, even in the company where he works so far this week has registered eight infected people, so it is hope that soon everyone will work from home.

Finally, he commented that there is currently a curfew that applies between the 8 at night and 5 in the morning for all people who do not have the complete vaccination schedule.

With information from Reuters


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