MicroMacro: True Detective, MS Edizioni announces chapter 2

Celebrating the victory of the Spiel des Jahres 2021 award, MS Editions announced the arrival in the coming months of the second chapter of the (now) series of table games of Johannes Sich: is expected this fall MicroMacro: True Detective!

Where will the investigation take us this time? Let’s find out together.

MS Edizioni announces MicroMacro: True Detective

MicroMacro: True Detective proposes 16 new investigative cases. Even if we will find characters and stories already met in Crime City, it is not a real “sequel”. True Detective is a standalone game, which 1 to 4 players can play, even without having taken part in the investigations of the previous title.

In addition to the new cases, this time we will find the history of the cases divided by age groups; in this way, if we decide to play MicroMacro with the little ones, we will be able to choose the most suitable experience without risking arousing nightmares in the most impressionable young people.

For those who, like me, reading the name of the game, if asked: unfortunately we will not find the detectives Matthew McConaugheyis Woody Harrelson (the reference is obviously to the sensational first season of the HBO crime-drama True Detective). Nevertheless, all that remains is to wait for October to try to become, obviously armed with our faithful magnifying glass, real detectives with MicroMacro: True Detective!

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