Microsoft admits to having stopped making Xbox One since 2020

Microsoft confirms that production of Xbox One has been halted. Whether it is the One X or the One S. The company explains that the old consoles are no longer manufactured in order to give priority to the Xbox Series X and Series S. And this since the end of the year 2020. Microsoft’s strategy is very different from that of Sony which will continue to manufacture PS4 in 2022.

Sony does not stop producing its old consoles when the next one appears on the market. When the PlayStation 4 was released in November 2013, the production of the PlayStation 3 did not cease the following day. It continued in Europe until 2016. And it did not stop in Japan until May 2017. And it is logical: the Japanese firm believes that the old console will appeal to players whose budget is relatively tight . Thus, she continues her career in parallel.

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For the PlayStation 5, the strategy was similar. When the console was released in November 2020, there was no question of stopping production of PlayStation 4. In August 2021, Sony had sold 116.4 million consoles, becoming the second best-selling console of the firm, after the PlayStation 2. And it will continue to sell, since Sony would have planned to produce 1 million more in 2022, information revealed by the economic press agency Bloomberg. This will, in part, make up for the lack of the PS5 on the shelves.

Microsoft Stopped Producing Xbox One Right After The Xbox Series S / X Released

At Microsoft it is quite the opposite. Cindy Walker, Microsoft’s deputy director of marketing for Xbox consoles, told our colleagues at The Verge that production of consoles that preceded the Xbox Series X and S has been stopped. And this is not new: the decision was taken in the year 2020. No Xbox One X and One S have left Microsoft factories for over a year. The reason is simple: the Redmond company wanted to focus on the Xbox Series X and S.

Indeed, Microsoft feared, given the reported shortage of components, that it would be quite difficult to produce enough consoles. Phil Spencer, boss of Microsoft, explained to the New York Times a few days ago that the Xbox Series X is the best-selling Xbox of any generation. And its supply problem is less due to the absence of components than to the very strong demand. Lower demand for the Xbox Series S. By the way, if you go to, for example, you’ll find the Xbox Series S in stock, but not the Xbox Series X.

Source: The verge

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