Microsoft has used Xbox dev kits for a ‘Halo Infinite’ tournament

The component shortage And, therefore, of electronic devices dependent on these is very real and covers different strata of the industry. The most recent example of this has just been seen in the last tournament of Halo Infinite, for which Microsoft itself has had to pull development kits from the console.

It sounds a bit extreme, but it has been, according to what is told in Kotaku: Microsoft has had to resort to the use of Xbox Series X development kits to stock devices to the first major tournament that has been held around one of the star titles of the new generation of your console, Halo Infinite.

«The shortage in the global supply chain is real«, Sentenced about this’ anecdote ‘the leader of the 343 Industries eSports firm, Tahir Hasandjekic, one of the organizers of the Halo Championship Series’ Raleigh Major affected by this fact … but affected in quotation marks, because as indicated by himself Hasandjekic, it’s the same deep down.

Halo Infinite: Halo Championship Series’ Raleigh Major

«Attention players: this weekend you will be playing on the Series X development consoles. They are functionally identical and will be operating in “Personal” mode, so it is exactly the same experience, they just look a little different«, Hasandjekic pointed by Twitter. The performance does not change, but the data weighs and the image of the event has assumed it.

And it is that the shortage of components is a fact, yes, but that this has affected by Microsoft itself In the launch tournament of one of the flagships of its renewed gaming platform, it is really significant of the current and future situation in the medium term, as it is not expected to improve anytime soon.

We have been talking about the subject for a long time and from what it seems, this is going to continue to happen: Sony recently announced a cut in PS5 production due to the shortage of chips, which is the living example of what is happening throughout the industry. And, of course, Xbox is not going to be the exception, and neither will be the graphics cards for PC.

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